Baptisms for Children

Baptism for Children 7 years or older

It is a joy to experience a baptism with families and individuals at Ascension.

We often receive requests for baptism of children who are 7 years or older. Sometimes, parents wish to enroll their children in our Parish School and the children are unbaptized or of another denomination.  In time, sometimes these children request Baptism.  A child who is 7 years or older may request the sacrament with the permission and involvement of their parents, one of whom must be Catholic or must be engaged in the process of becoming Catholic.  The process for Children who wish to be baptized includes a 2 year process that prepares them to celebrate the three sacraments of initiation -Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist- at the Easter Vigil.

If your older child has not been baptized or was baptized but has not had any formal religious education and is 8 years or older, RCIA for Children is the ideal process for your family.  Together with your child, the parish will accompany you on the journey to the Easter sacraments in a way that will refresh your own faith and understanding of the Catholic Church as it leads your child on a path to a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Community of Faith, encouraging and modeling Discipleship in Christ.  As is policy in the Archdiocese, all Sacraments of Initiation require 2 years of preparation in a formal setting so this is the time to begin for Sacramental initiation at Easter, 2020. 

Please contact Mary Catherine Meek for more information about a Baptism for an infant or older child: 708-434-1533 or