Infant - Age 6

Baptism for your child under the age of 6, begins with an intake session which is held monthly on a Saturday at 12 Noon in the Parish Center.  At that meeting, parents are given an overview of our process and generally schedule a date for the Baptism of their child.  It is an opportunity to meet other parents, share why you are choosing Baptism for your child, and otherwise discuss some of the more preliminary aspects of raising your child in the Catholic Faith.  As parents, you will be the first teachers and most important examples and models of the Catholic faith to your child.  This meeting is about 45 minutes to an hour. If the Saturday time cannot work for your family, a home visit can be scheduled with the Pastoral Associate.

For first time parents or for those where more than 3 years has elapsed since the Baptism of their last child, a Baptism Preparation Session is held with the Pastor.  These sessions are held every other month and last about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes.

Baptisms are held at different days and times.  Usually there are two times a month when they are held at Mass (one at 5 PM on a Saturday and one at an 11 AM on a Sunday).  We like to keep the number to be baptized at 2 which seems to work very well.  We also have Baptisms at least once a month after the 11 AM Mass.  Families are encouraged to attend the 11 AM Mass so they are ready with baby, godparents, and other family and friends to participate in the ceremony immediately following the Mass.

The last part of the overall process is participation in an “After the Waters” session where our Director of Religious Education speaks to you about opportunities Ascension offers to help you feel connected to the parish and to help you discern how we can help you in your efforts to raise your child in the Catholic Faith.  Other young parents who are part of the Ascension community participate in this family gathering and share their own experiences with a variety of the groups that are a good fit for working parents who see the value of weekly Mass and other opportunities to connect for support.

Our upcoming Intake Sessions will be held at noon in the Parish Center on the following dates:

March 2, 2019

May 4, 2019


Our upcoming Baptism Preparation Sessions will be held at 9:45 AM in the Church Choir Room (enter from Van Buren Street) on April 13, 2019.

To register, please contact Mary Catherine Meek, our Pastoral Associate, at 708-434-1533. Please note that children entering our Parish School or our Religious Education who are Catholic are expected to present a Baptism Certificate at the time of registration.