Peace & Justice Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Look here for upcoming P&J programs at Ascension and in your neighborhood


At Ascension Parish, you will find a passionate and caring community committed to extending a helping hand and building awareness of the deep injustices we find in our community and beyond.

Check back regularly for upcoming programs at Ascension and in our community as we strive for peace and justice.

Companions 2019 Mother’s Day Project

Communication with loved ones and other people who can be supportive is very important for people who are imprisoned.  It helps keep them grounded and better prepares them for their release.  It is also important for families, especially children, to hear from their loved ones.  Here at Companions we facilitate that process by providing pretty cards and stationery to juveniles and women so they have nice materials to use, especially at Mother’s Day.  We are again writing to ask for your help.

Needed materials:  postage stamps, stationary, Mother’s Day cards, Thinking of You cards or blank cards;  gallon ziplock bags;  reams of colored paper on which to print insert letter; and donations to help cover delivery costs (Make checks to Companions, Journeying Together, Inc). The box to place these items in will be in the vestibule near the sacristy during February.


Praying at ICE: 12 years, every week

The Interfaith Committee for Detained Immigrants (ICDI) has racked up 629 consecutive Fridays mornings at Immigration and Customs Enforcement regional detention facility in Broadview praying for detained immigrants. Care to join us? Every Friday, sun, shade, rain or snow. Ascension sends five regulars every Friday. It runs from 7:15 am to 7:45 am (rosary on every Friday except first Friday when we celebrate an interfaith prayer). ICDI also sends 300 volunteers to four detention facilities in Wisconsin and Illinois every week, plus running two post detention centers. Our prayer is always for a more compassionate immigration policy by our federal government. Add your prayers and maybe yourselves. Contact Pat McAnany or 708-383-0415.


ST. EDMUND CHURCH (Oak Park) Monthly Prayer Vigil to End Gun Violence 

“The last Saturday of each month, please join us on the rectory lawn from 6:30 to 7pm for our monthly Prayer Vigil to End Gun Violence. It is our way of standing against the culture of violence in our country. We also urge legislators to understand the urgency of this issue.”



Housing Forward's Americorps Program

Perhaps you are a recent grad, young professional, or simply someone looking for a professional opportunity to give back while learning about a new career field. Learn More!