St. Vincent de Paul Society

The St. Vincent de Paul Society’s mission statement reads: “Make us responsive to the Christian calling to seek and find the forgotten, the suffering or the deprived, so that we may bring them to God’s love.”

The needs of individuals or families are brought to the attention of the St. Vincent de Paul Society and then those needs are met in the strictest of confidence with the utmost discretion and with follow-up to ensure that dollars are wisely spent and that social services can be provided if further assistance is needed.

Please consider a monetary gift to the Ascension St. Vincent de Paul Society. When you make a gift to our St. Vincent de Paul Society, you are hearing the words of Jesus and living them out. With gratitude for your continued support of this mission. We invite you to make a donation online. Go HERE to access our online giving page, click on the green donate button, then select St. Vincent de Paul under donation category.