3 Year Olds



Ascension's Preschool Program is a play-based program with some structured learning. The program provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes the spiritual, physical, musical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children. Every opportunity is taken to incorporate pre-academics into the daily program. Preschoolers receive a balance of free-play and healthy structured learning including fine and gross motor skills.. The preschool environment provides stimulating and challenging materials and activities for young children in a Christian environment. At an age appropriate level they are introduced to Catholic observances and faith values.

The goal of the Ascension Preschool Program is to ensure that young children's first school experience will be a journey filled with learning, trust, affection, growth, God and fun! The program will begin to build a firm foundation that will make learning fluent and help young children develop productive friendships, self esteem and respect for themselves and others throughout their grammar school years at Ascension.

The Curriculum includes Letter People, Handwriting Without Tears, and Music.

Ascension Preschool is a good place to be!

Pre-K 3 and Multi-Age Programs:

The Early Childhood Education program schedule for three-year-olds is:

PK 3, 2-day program Tuesday and Thursday Mornings

PK 3, 3-day program Monday/Wednesday/Friday Mornings

Classes will meet from 9 am until 11:40 am.



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