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Flipping Frogs

  Flipping frogsFlipping frogs

Flipping frogs   











Morning class is playing Flipping Frogs to reinforce letter names and letter sounds.

Our students also set goals for the New Year!

New Year goal   New Year goal


New Year goal  


   PK 4 is Sliding Into The New Year With Jesus in Their Hearts







Afternoon Class enjoys a good book.


On December 17 Early Childhood teachers presented their combined Early Childhood Christmas Program, including students in PK-3, PK-4, and Kindergarten. There were 105 students! The program began with Prepare the Way of the Lord by the Sibling Sinfonia, The Early Childhood Singers performed 7 charming songs of Advent and Christmas, to the delight of all families and guests.  View our Gallery, which includes 5 videos that include all the children!

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children at concert   children at concert

children at concert  children at concert

children at concert   children at concert


Here are some additional videos from the Early Childhood Christmas Program!

Camels and Wise Men

Go, Tell it on the Mountain

Jesus Came on Christmas Day

Advent is a Time to Wait

We Wish You a Merry Christmas


A Gingerbread Man came to visit our classroom. 

We named him Nibbles. We liked to play with him.

One day, he was missing!  Our Buddies helped us make 

"Missing!" posters.  We hung them up around the school.




The next day we found this letter.

We found our first clue!  

Off we go to look for Nibbles!  The clues took us all over the school.


The Pine Room ...                                  To the second floor ...


To our Buddies room ...


The Balcony ...                                   Mrs. Szot's Science Room ...


Mrs. Kirchen reads us a clue.

We need to go to the principal's office...

Mrs. Polega meets us at the door.  Nibbles was hiding in her office!   


We are happy to have Nibbles back in our classroom.

We hope he doesn't run away again!



Thanksgiving Feast

The PK 4 students gathered together to share a feast of muffins and fresh fruit.  After eating the children put 

on a show for their parents.





Baking Pumpkin Bread

We made pumpkin bread! Every student took home a mini-loaf for our families.

Here is the morning class:














Here is the afternoon class:













Halloween Fun!




Banana Inchworms



Disappearing Ghost Science Experiment



Painting Pumpkins




Exploring the insides of a pumpkin.


Building Spider Webs.




PK 4 met with their 4th grade Buddies.  Each team received a portion of a pumpkin

to decorate into a jack-o-lantern.




P is for pizza!



Working together to build a car wash.


Exploring magnets.


Snack Time!   


Parents are invited to read, share a hobby or talent, or share information about their job.  

A reading of The Night Before Halloween




PK 4 visits Ascension Church.



To celebrate St. Francis' feast day, the children in PK 4 brought a stuffed animal to school.  The group prayed together.  
Each animal was blessed.





PK 4 is hard at work in the classroom.







  ?How high can we build this before it falls





PK 4 meets their 4th Grade Buddies.






Jesus is our very best friend!  The children drew pictures of Jesus.





We are having a science lesson on the computer!