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Preschoolers and Kindergarteners began their celebration of Thanksgiving by attending a Prayer Service in church. The children brought non perishable food items to share with those in need. Following the prayer service the children enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast with all the PK3 students adorned in Pilgrim and Native American costumes that they had constructed.















The Three Year Old Preschoolers went on a walking tour in church on All Saints Day. The children were looking for the Saints in the beautiful stain glass windows.  They know that a Saint loves and follows God always. We found St. Patrick, St. Francis, and St. Daniel.

Then we entered the main door of our school to discover the painted mural of our church, school,the pastor, Ascension students, and the Ursuline Sister. Mrs. Bracco shared the story of discovering this hidden historical mural.



   Discovering the mural.


Preschool getting ready for Halloween!  PK 3 getting their FEET painted to make Halloween ghosts.


















PK3 Explores Pumpkins

We had a fun Pumpkin Sensory center this week.  We felt the smooth skin, the rough stem, knocked on the outside to hear the sound it made.  Then we opened the pumpkin!  The insides were cold and slimy.  It smelled like delicious pumpkin.  We pulled out the seeds and strings and pulp.  We squeezed it in our hands and it was wet and gooey.  We each counted out ten pumpkin seeds.








Today, the PK 3 children celebrated the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. In class we listened to a story about St. Francis and learned that he was a friend of animals. One day while teaching about Jesus the singing birds were so noisy that St. Francis asked them to be quiet. The birds were silent until he was finished preaching. St. Francis thanked the birds and then all the birds flew into the sky in the form of a cross.











Students are recognizing their names on name tags. Everyone's name is special to them!



We are singing a favorite song, "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee!"






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