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Amazon Smile

Do you shop on Amazon?  Did you know that your Amazon purchases could help support Ascension?  Shop Amazon Smile and a portion of what you spend will support Ascension!  Just choose us as your charity and you're done.  Want to really increase the benefit?  Purchase Amazon gift cards through the Manna program! 

Box Tops for Education

If you’ve got a collection of Box tops for Education coupons in your kitchen this is the time to gather them and bring them to either the parish or school office.   General Mills is offering an even match from now until late October, so your coupon is worth double.  Ascension is hoping to fill 300 special collection sheets during this next month, each sheet holds thirty coupons, so if we meet our goal, we’ll make $1,800.  Mrs. Parilli’s kindergartners are helping to cut and paste but you’re welcome to help out—collection sheets are available at both Ascension offices.

Collection Sheet