Preparation for Confirmation is a two year program starting in 7th grade and continuing through 8th grade. Candidates must be either students at Ascension School or students in the Ascension Religious Education Program. Candidates will work in and out of class on assignments in the Confirmed in the Spirit book (Loyola Press) that will be turned in or checked by their Catechist or Religion Teacher.  Candidates are given a workbook with 8 chapters to review, a personal journal for their own reflections and a piece with conversations between the candidate and their sponsor.  In addition, the candidates will complete a Confirmation Log which will reflect on their Bible & Faith Conversations, Service Work and Faith Boosters. Candidates will also complete three 1-2 page typed papers discussing aspects of our faith - Holiness & Saints, Bible Reflection & Sponsor Conversation and Faith & Service.  

A service retreat will be held on January 14, 2017 and four formation meetings which are experiential in nature will be held in February, March, April and October.  Please see the Program Overview for the dates of the meetings.  

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