Email Guidelines

Email Guidelines for Parents & Staff
  1. Email usage is at the discretion of each individual faculty member. Many teachers prefer to use the phone to speak directly to parents.
  2. All Ascension School faculty and staff can request an email account and receive training on email usage.
  3. Parents, please send only non-vital messages by email. For example, do not use email to inform a teacher that your child is not going to be at school today. A teacher may not have time to read your message in a timely fashion. Instead use the telephone to be sure your message is received and clearly understood.
  4. Your child’s academic progress, learning expectations, or behavioral issues are best addressed through a telephone conversation or by scheduling a personal conference with your child's teacher. An email message on these matters is not appropriate. Using email to schedule a conference or meeting is appropriate.
  5. Please remember that email is not confidential. Confidential information (such as medical or health concerns) should be conveyed by phone or personal contact.
  6. Please identify yourself in the subject line of your email message and, if appropriate, the name of your child and a phone number where the parent can be reached.
  7. Jokes, amusing or special stories, chain letters, or commercial solicitations and in general non-school related email are inappropriate and reduce valuable teaching time.
  8. Faculty and staff agree to return parental email messages within 2 working days. Faculty members may opt to return messages via email, phone or in writing.
  9. Parents, please note that email access to faculty and staff will not be available during holidays or vacation