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Feb 25

On Friday, students were treated to a very informative assembly. The "Our Heart Health" assembly included students "jumping rope for hearts"! They learned healthy ways to keep their hearts in good shape. Students had learned jumping rope skills in PE. The older students were also taught ways to keep their hearts healthy. They learned that "Hoops for Heart"( basketball), is an excellent way to keep a healthy heart. The presentation stressed starting these healthy habits even at a young age. Afterwards, the students answered questions about the presentation.

Feb 22

Yummy! Pizza lunch on Friday only $3.50 per slice, $1.50 per additional slice. No hot lunch or milk will be served. Sales benefit the Class of 2018.

Feb 20

We now have a wonderful slideshow of Mission Day pictures thanks to Mrs. Irvine! Links to the 2018 Mission Day VideoGallerySlideshow.will be under Events on the News and Events link, so you can re-visit your memories of Mission Day all year.

Many thanks to Anne Weber, who has been Chair of Mission Day for 6 years! To all our volunteers, endless thanks and we hope to see you next year!

Ascension Mission Day Slideshow
Feb 16

Mission Day was AWESOME! Many thanks to the Mission Day Team and all the volunteers, cake bakers, alumni, parents and students! We have so many pictures -- take a look!
Kudos to Mrs. Lerner and Mrs. Bernard for sending pictures!

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Feb 15

Have you printed out your Mission Day raffle forms? It's so easy to do, since you can type right onto the form, copy and paste your information to quickly enter one sheet or as many as you'd like! The Grand Prizes are a Nintendo Switch and THREE rides each for 2 people at iFly! See the Mission Day page for all forms! See you Friday!