Day One for the Class of 2019.

Eighth Grade

Respectful, Responsible and Ready

8th graders are on top! 

From the moment 8th graders arrive in August, they are both one with the school and a class set apart. Traditionally, a class photo is taken outside of school-- a bookend to the cap-and-gown pictures at year's end. 

8th graders usually tour the Art Institute of Chicago, attend a top musical production, visit the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center and take a trip to Springfield, Illinois for the Lincoln sites. Student Ambassadors, Student Council Officers, lead players in Drama Club productions, competitors at scholastic bowls,  and even taking tours of historic churches keep our students well-rounded and on the go.

8th graders create a masterpiece in acrylics based on their research of a famous artist and his or her masterpiece painting. Buddies to the 1st graders, they form special bonds with every student, and often can greet everyone by name. 8th graders take pride in their school, bringing home championship trophies and helping out with school activities, Mission Day and the School Picnic. Strong attachments forms and before long, it's time for high school testing in January,  science projects, sonnets, scrapbooks and Constitution tests. School dances are memories, and it is time to attend the Sports Award Evening and the 8th grade dinner. 

Our pastor, school board president and principal award diplomas in early June and another fine Ascension Class is on its way to high school.


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