First Grade

Mrs. Mary Beth Blatner, Ms.Bindy Sefton

First grade is both an exciting and critical time in a child's life for it is when the foundation is laid for a lifetime of learning. The growth and change that we witness in the children throughout the year is a joy to behold as the mystery of reading and math is unlocked for them. By the end of the school year they are ready to move forward to the greater responsibilities and challenges that 2nd grade will offer. We use Reading Wonders published by McGraw Hill Education.


Following are the key areas of focus for the 1st Grade:
  • Continue the spiritual growth that was begun in kindergarten, focusing on the liturgical year, the Holy Family and Holy Trinity.
  • Provide a short review of the letters and sounds learned in kindergarten prior to beginning the journey to our main goal of independent reading and writing.
  • Aid the students in mastering the core mathematical concepts of numbers, patterns, addition and subtraction. In addition the children learn to tell time and recognize the various coins and their values.
  • Introduce Ascension School's Discipline with Purpose policy, focusing on those areas that are pertinent to 1st Graders.
  • Prepare the students for 2nd grade and a lifetime of learning.


The parent-teacher relationship is significant as the student begins this new adventure to insure collectively we make your child's 1st grade experience a rewarding one. One area where this collaboration is especially important is with homework. We expect homework should take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete with time varying depending on your child's ability.

We ask that an adult always help the student with their homework by reading the directions with them and reviewing assignments when completed. If appropriate, the parent should assist the child in making the necessary corrections to insure they are receiving a united message of excellence from the school and home.


Some of the special events that we traditionally celebrate are:
  • "All About Me" Days when the students will have an opportunity to tell the class "about themselves". For example, they could share with their classmates all their favorites (e.g., book, foods, toys, television programs) along with information on their family or pets.
  • 100 Day Celebration, celebrating their 100th Day in school. Students are encouraged to dress as they believe they will look when they are 100 years old and, for the days surrounding the event we concentrate on various lists of 100 things they have learned (e.g., books read, spelling words learned).
  • A special Christmas program is performed for their parents and members of the parish, singing seasonal songs and reading prayers celebrating the joyous time of Christ's birth.


We know what a special time this is in a child's life and we at Ascension are privileged to share the journey with the students.

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