Grades and Grading Scales

Report Cards and Honor Roll Criteria

Grading Scales


Grades 1-3 
G Good
S Satisfactory
N Needs Improvement


Grades 4-8
A+ 100% A 99%-96% A- 95%-93%
B+ 92%-91% B 90%-88% B- 87%-85%
C+ 84%-83% C 82%-79% C- 78%-77%
D+ 76%-75% D 74%-72% D- 71%-70%
        F 69%-0%





Posting Student Grades    

Teachers at some grade levels will post student assignment scores, homework scores and test grades on-line at the Power School Portal. Teachers will post grades in a timely manner. Parents will have access to their own children’s grades.                                     


Progress Reports

Students in grades 4 – 8 receive Progress Reports, which are e-mailed to parents mid- trimester.  These Reports indicate how the students have performed so far and what final grade they can expect if they continue in the same level of performance.  Accordingly, a failure at this time is not a final matter.  There is time to improve before the end of the trimester.   Progress reports do not become part of the child’s permanent record.


Report Cards

Report cards are issued following the completion of the grading period.  Please review your child’s progress and contact the student’s teacher if you have questions regarding grades.


Honor Roll Guidelines - Grades 6-8

There will be an Honor Roll Award for each trimester of the school year.  The criteria for the Honor Roll will be received during the first trimester of the school year.

Honor Roll in determined by the following point system:


A+ 12      B+ 9       C+ 6       D+ 3      
A 11 B 8 C 5 D 2
A- 10 B- 7 C- 4 D- 1
            F 0





For High Honors, the student’s average must be 10.0 or over.

Classes included for Honor Roll are: Religion, Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Art, Computer, P. E. and Music. A formula is used to give fractional credit for special subjects.

For Honors, the student’s average must be 8.5 to 9.9.
Honor Roll students may not have an “F” in any subject.