Mrs. Jody Parrilli, Mrs. Katie Degnan

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Kindergarten Curriculum at a glance


Our reading series, Reading Wonders published by McGraw Hill Education, provides differentiated instruction through whole group, teacher led small group, cross curricular work stations and independent activities. It challenges your child at whatever level he/she is working at.


Our math series, Math Connects, by Macmillan-McGraw Hill, also challenges our students with age appropriate lessons each day.  Along with our math series, the class participates in “calendar”. Our calendar series, Everyday Counts, builds each month and teaches basic math skills.


Our religion series, Our Faith is All Around Us, was created “in house.”  We follow the liturgical calendar and holidays. We frequently visit our beautiful church and walk around our school to observe many of the symbols that represent our faith. Lessons are prepared from what we see and discuss, such as the Celtic Cross to the altar.


Kindergarten participates in weekly science experiments, as well as a student scientist to help demonstrate.  It’s billed as Scientific Wednesday!! Experiments are age appropriate and encourage young minds to be curious. We also have a science center that is always open to explore and learn.


Our classes also learn about our 50 states and landmarks from around our country and the world. We take states and their capitals very seriously in kindergarten :)  Each week we feature a new state and landmark in our geography center and an opportunity to learn flags of the world.


Each day our students work on writing skills, including writing letters, words, sentences and journaling.



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​Mrs.  Jody Parrilli
Mrs. Katie Degnan