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Ascension School provides lunchroom facilities for its students.  Students must wear gym shoes to lunch. Students are expected to follow all lunchroom rules, which are posted and discussed on the first day of school. Families may order hot lunches and/or milk through Food Service Professionals. If a student forgets lunch, a sandwich will be provided.  Parents who drop off a lunch should leave it at the school office. “Fast food” is strongly discouraged. Please refer to our Wellness Policy.

Ascension School allows students to be released from school for parents who want their children to come home during the lunch period.  Ascension School assumes no liability for these children during the lunch period.  Ascension School strongly recommends that all students be supervised by an adult when they are off-campus for lunch. No supervision is provided for students returning at lunch.

At the beginning of each school year, parents shall indicate which day(s) their children will be staying for lunch and sign a form for the day(s) on which they want their children released.  Any changes from this lunch period schedule must be received in writing each day that change is to be made.