Ascension School is operated under the auspices of the Catholic Bishop of Chicago, a corporation sole, in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Policy ES 130.1 Archdiocesan schools admit students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students in these schools. Archdiocesan schools do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, or national and ethnic origin in administration of educational policies, loan programs, athletic or other school-administered programs.

A child entering school must be in compliance with the age requirements of the State of Illinois regarding age admission.

A student entering 3-Year Old Preschool must be three years of age on or before September 1st for the year in which he/she seeks admission. He/she must also be toilet trained.

A student entering 4-Year Old Preschool must be four years of age on or before September 1st for the year in which he/she seeks admission. He/she must also be toilet trained.

A student entering Kindergarten must be five years of age on or before September 1st for the year in which he/she seeks admission. He/she must also be toilet trained.

A student entering first grade must be six years of age on or before September 1st for the year in which he/she seeks admission.


Before a student is accepted for registration, the following must be submitted:

● A state certificate of live birth as evidence of age

● A certificate of baptism from the parish of baptism

● A record of compliance with local and State of Illinois health regulations

● The latest report card and test scores from the school from which the student is transferring

● Custody or Guardianship Records (if any)

Ascension School strives to provide for the needs of all its students. We recognize that some students have special needs. We work closely with our local public school district in attempting to identify these students and to implement recommendations based on testing and evaluations. However, due to our limited resources, we may not be able to service all of these students and their unique and special needs.

Admissions Priority Categories

 If there are more applicants than can be accepted based on class size limits as determined by the Principal and the School Board, applicants will be given priority as follows:

1. Currently enrolled students in good standing whose tuition and fees are paid and up-to-date.

2. Siblings of the above.

3. Former students and siblings of alumni.

4. Other children of Ascension Parishioners. Families will be considered Parishioners if they are registered as such at the Rectory and are financially contributing to the Parish on a regular basis.

5. Other children.

Priorities within a Category: If all applicants within a given priority category cannot be accommodated, an Admissions Committee will determine which students to admit.

The Committee will consist of the Pastor, the Principal, member(s) of the Parish Staff, and representative(s) of the School Board.

The following criteria will be used by this Committee;

  • Length of time the family has been at Ascension.
  • History of legacy (parents, grandparents, extended family at Ascension).
  • Level of participation by the family in the Parish and school through contributions of time, treasure and talent.
  • Opportunities to increase the diversity in the school community.


No Preferential Treatment: The categories and criteria listed above are intended for admissions priorities only, and do not imply any preferential treatment of students once admitted. Specifically, the assignment of students to a particular teacher or session is at the Principal’s discretion, and will not be based on the above criteria.

Child Custody and Guardianship

Before accepting a student for admission, school personnel must verify that the person enrolling the child is the legal guardian. If someone other than the parent/guardian seeks to enroll a child, school personnel must present a court order appointing the person as legal guardian of the child. If the person is unable to present such proof, the assistant superintendent should be contacted immediately to discuss the situation.

If the child is enrolling during the school year, the following documents must be presented at the time of enrollment:

  • the child’s original birth certificate;
  • a transfer from the sending school;
  • permanent records from the sending school;
  •  health and immunization records.


New students entering grades 1 – 8 must be tested and interviewed before an application can be accepted. The testing is scheduled in the spring and summer. The Principal makes the final decision about academic eligibility and placement.


Priority Registration: Each winter, current Ascension students may be registered for the following year before other applicants are considered. In order to maintain priority status, completed registration packets and deposits must be returned by the deadline and the family must be up-to-date in all payments.


Dual Enrollment: If there are available spaces, a family may enroll a child in two different Early Childhood programs/classes. Full tuition will be charged for both sections. October 2007


Open Registration: Following the priority registration deadline, registration will be opened for all others. Applications will not be considered until they are complete, including any fees, deposits, birth certificates, baptismal certificates, medical records, and other completed paperwork required by the application. The deadline for applications is two weeks before the beginning of the school year.

Policy # 05-02-07

Missing Children Registration Law Procedures