Sixth Grade

Welcome to Junior High!


The sixth grade language arts curriculum concentrates on reading, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and writing in an eighty-minute block period each day.  We use a novel-based approach.  There is a writing assignment for each novel we read.  We explore expository, compare/contrast, persuasive, poetry, research, and creative writing forms, using a different type for each book we read.  We also work on creative writing in our journals, along with essay writing and note taking skills. (Mrs. Lippi or Mrs. Vainisi-Montelauro)



Mrs. Lippi leads the sixth graders in celebrating 'Greek Day.' Each year the sixth grade spends much time preparing for Greek Day -- the culmination of their language arts curriculum.  This special day has become a rite of spring and a wrap up of the language arts class work on Greek myth and culture.  A reception featuring Greek food is always part of the festivities. Other assignments during Greek study are the production of a diorama depicting a story from Greek mythology and a term paper about a Greek hero. 

Earth Science is the focus of the Science Curriculum. (Mrs. Szot)

The 6th grade Math students use Math Connects, Course 1, 2012 edition, by Glencoe McGraw-Hill.  This textbook is aligned to the new Common Core Standards for all Illinois 6th grade students.  Each student has a hard copy of the textbook and their own digital edition. (Mr. Schlueter).

To open the year, the sixth grade Social Studies classes begin with a review of basic global features and definitions related to time and place. Then, their study of the ancient world begins. (Mr. Sengstock)

In Religion, each class begins with daily prayer and intercessions by the students.Early in the 6th grade students build on their knowledge of the Old Testament, understanding that the Passover and Covenant of the Jewish people are the central events of our ancestors in faith.  Students are encouraged to put their faith into action through service. Family Life in grade 6 focuses on respect for all life, pregnancy and childbirth.

In the Junior High, core classes meet every day during the same period.

Special classes do not meet every day.
In Art, (Ms. Grimm) Grade 6 students create compositions using a variety of media. A 6th grade painting is chosen as Ascension's Christmas card.
In Music, (Ms. Robak) 6th grade students attend a live professional production of an American musical.
Students also have classes in Gym (Ms. Earner) , Computers (Mr. Mueller) , and Spanish (Ms. Bowdy) . Students have access to the Library (Mrs. Flowers)  through Language Arts.


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