Social Studies

Mr. Ken Sengstock

The sixth grade classes began with a review of basic global features and definitions related to time and place. Students will evaluate ancient societies .These units will include a comparative analysis of the respective religions and philosophies Later on, classes will focus on medieval Europe, the rise of Islam, the Renaissance, and, if time permits, the Protestant Reformation and the Age of Reason.

The seventh grade is exploring the roots of our country, and how these roots grew, changed, and helped shape the present society we live in. As the year unfolds, our studies focus on exploration into the New World, and how the New World was carved up and governed by European powers culminating in the history defining revolution that resulted in U.S. independence, and the contents of the Declaration of Independence.

The eighth grade continues to explore nineteenth century America. The focus has begins with the Age of Jefferson. As the year proceeds, we will become acquainted with the economic transformations brought on by the Industrial Revolution, through the Civil War, the Era of Reconstruction and the rise of the U.S. into a world power. The centerpiece of the eighth grade history curriculum revolves around the successful completion of the U.S. and Illinois constitution tests. A passing grade on both tests is necessary for promotion into high school.

Mr. Sengstock teaches all junior high Social Studies classes.