Grade 1 Mrs. Blatner's Class



For April, grade 1 made the front board reflect our Journey with Jesus.

Front Board


In March we had Spring Break! Everyone wrote about what we did  while away from school.

Essay   ssay


Lent Week Two

 The children completed the second section of their Lenten crosses and wrote one way to move the clouds away and get closer to Jesus on their own prayer clouds. (Right) Many of the children have enjoyed the challenge of checkers with Mrs. B. during recess this winter. 

Lent lesson  checker champion 








In Math the children enjoyed using pennies, nickels and dimes to skip count and add different values together with a partner. 

math dimes & nickles   math dimes & nickles

Learning how to determine greater than, less than, and equals to was a bit of a challenge but Allie Alligator helped out to chomp the greater number!  

                                       math lesson


Our Lenten Journey With Jesus began yesterday with the first day of Lent.  We Learned that Jesus liked going the desert to be quiet and pray.  We worked with Room 105 in the Ursuline Center  to draw the first section of a cross and discuss how we can become closer to God during Lent.

students working   Students making a cross








In Math the focus is on place value.  The children now know that "place" means where something is put and "value" means the quantity or how much.  We are currently working on regrouping with tens and ones.  The children worked together on these base ten concepts using place value work mats, ten sticks and one cubes.  

students regrouping   students regrouping


You should read Charlotte's Web, say the first graders!

Book review    Book review


It's March! The children enjoyed celebrating the work of Dr. Seuss on Friday (his birthday is March 2).  Be sure to ask your child who Theo Lesieg is.  The children had fun creating their own Suessical character and naming it.  We love the unlikely characters created by Dr. Seuss.  

A Suessical character A Suessical character A Suessical character A Suessical character

Japer the Paper                        Lorganizer the Organizer             Zook the Book                        Tall Wall

What is a folktale?  The children enjoyed reading many folktales to determine the lesson or moral of the story. The children were so proud to present their very own folk tales and illustrations to their classmates. The stories were so creative and inventive.  We have many budding authors in room 106!

Children write folktales. Children write folktales.  Children write folktales.

We love birthday celebrations!  Can you find the birthday student?

A birthday celebration











What a good time we had on Mission Day!

Mission Day Room 106   Mission Day Room 106


Mission Day Room 106     


 Mission Day Room 106   Mission Day Room 106

   Mission Day Room 106   Mission Day Room 106


Remember when we worked with students in Mrs. Douglass' class to learn about sundials? Well. we made them!


sundial  sundial



Making and bringing in Valentine's for our friends is one of the best treats of the year.  The children enjoyed distributing their special messages of friendship while munching on a special Valentine treat from Mrs. Kelley.  Thank you!

Passing out Valentnes   Passing Valentines

 The children love buddy chats!  This time they chatted with a partner to discuss the story details from the chapters we have read together so far in Charlotte's Web.  They identified the main and minor characters, the multiple settings and the main events that took place throughout the story that led to even more interesting events.  The children then wrote four sentences using main idea and details to tell his/her opinion about the best part of the story.  

Reading Charlotte's Web   Reading Charlotte's Web

350222l   making character charts


Long Vowel or Short Vowel?

Students chose a picture card, determined the picture name, determined what vowel sound the name had and whether it was a long or short vowel sound.  The final step is to sort  the card into the long or short vowel sound bag.  

Students and vowel cards   Students and vowel cards

Students and vowel cards   Students and vowel cards and math symbols








In first grade we created a Unity Wreath to show that we "All promise to stand together to create peace in our world."  The children added doves to represent peace around the world. We decided to think and write about how we are all alike since people around the world have more similarities than differences. We had many discussions about the life and story of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The children really grasped the injustices illustrated in the books we read about this historic peacemaker.  The children wrote their dreams for the world.  The children have been fascinated with the biographies we have been reading of historic black peacemakers.  They each created a "Positive, Powerful, People of Peace" wheel to remember those in history who changed our world forever for the better.  We have added four people and will continue throughout the month to add more peacemakers

Unity Wreath   Powerful People of Peace

Poster of how we are alike   Poster of how we are alike

Poster of MLK



















We switched gears from the literary genre of plays to folktales.  The children were able to successfully retell the events that took place in The Great Big, Giant Turnip, which is also a great title to identify adjectives (describers).  Our helper, Andrew, successfully unscrambled the story cards to show the beginning, next, next and end of the story.  The children also made on point predictions as we read the story together. 

students  sequence a story   Student sequencing a story

Student sequencing a story



















Our essential question this week is how plants change as they grow.  The text selections are in the genre of a play.  The children who presented Readers Theater greatly improved their expression, clarity of speech and projection in their performances today.  Wow, this is fun!  The other two reading groups practiced and presented for the first time.  They were excited but I think a bit nervous.  This fluency building activity is a great confidence builder and the kids are having fun performing! 

Reader's Theater   Reader's Theater

Reader's Theater

   Reading at tables

.  The children started their "Wheel of Peace" today.  It features "Positive, Powerful, People of Peace."  Be sure to ask your child about who we featured today.  The children are excited to hear another biography tomorrow and add the next person who changed our world through the power of peaceful action.  I look forward to our discussions.  The children are so empathetic and insightful in their thoughts. 

Classroom with Wheel of Peace





















We enjoyed the presentation by Andrew's mom and illustrator on Monday.  Mrs. Broussard explained the process of making a book, Audacious Ignatius.  The children were so curious about the process.  What a great start to Catholic Schools Week! 

Illustrator visit   page mock-up

Illustrator and child   8th graders and 1st graders





We got to wear pajama bottoms, so we were very cozy!


pajama bottons!

















The children are so excited to attend our school open house on Sunday starting after the 9am mass.  The open house runs from 10am - noon.  All school families are encouraged to attend the 9am children's mass at Ascension and enjoy touring your child's classroom right after. The kids are looking forward to showing you all the amazing work they have accomplished in the last few weeks and showing you their very cool classroom!

Here are some recent activities:

First, the children participating in a STEM project by integrating ideas through research and inquiry with fourth grade partners.  The fourth graders assisted the first graders in researching information about a sundial.  The ELA essential question this week and next is, "How do we measure time?"  When learning how to tell time on the hour and half hour we wondered how people were able to tell time before technology.  The children used an IPAD with their fourth grade partner and were guided to two appropriate web sites for children.  They used a Main Topic/Fact graphic organizer to list four facts.  They then sketched a version of a sundial in preparation for building one next week. Along with presenting their built sundial the children will also present the most interesting fact they found while researching sundials.  When weather permits the children will use their sundial to tell time!  More pictures on Mrs. Douglass' Page.

We are so thankful to have the Ursuline Center to collaborate with our fourth grade partners on this STEM learning activity!

Students work on a STEM project   Students work on a STEM project

Students work on a STEM project   Students work on a STEM project

Next we see .the children making puppets to retell the order of events in a story.  Identifying and retelling details in the order of events is a key comprehension strategy.  Acting out the details using self made puppets is a very effective method to practice this strategy.

Students create paper puppets   Students create paper puppets

Students create paper puppets   Students create paper puppets


Reader's Theater   


  Here one reading group presenting a Readers Theater selection.  The children worked with a script to practice their parts and    then presented the selection to the class.  Readers Theater is a great way to build reading fluency and practice speaking in      front of an audience, a great life skill!






Now that it is really winter, we wrote speculative fiction: "If I Lived in a Snow globe."

A snow globe   a Snow Globe



Happy New Year!

Here are two bulletin boards from novels we have studied: Wild Robot and Return of the Light.

Novel board   2nd novel board





Currently we are working on animal reports! Mrs. Blatner's daughter, alumna Caitlyn, came to observe and help.

students working   student teacher





students working   students working






Mrs. Blatner   students working



From the first grade Hallway, Advent Preparations!

Hallway Art   Hallway Art

Hallway Art   Hallway Art


The children were amazed by the wonderful gifts they offered to two children in need.  This time of year can be difficult for many people and the children were happy that they met the needs and wants that the children were hoping to receive.  While I was showing the children the gifts we were able to purchase one child commented, My heart is filled with joy that the children will have a happy Christmas.  She went on to say that they will probably cry when they see the gifts but those will be tears of joy!    The children then enjoyed helping to wrap these special gifts.  Your children bring joy to my heart every day.

Students wrapping presents   Students wrapping presents

Students wrapping presents   Students wrapping presents


The children participated in putting together our prayer table for the Advent season.  Be sure to ask your child what color we use during the liturgical season of Advent.  Hint:  it is a season of preparation.  They enjoyed hearing about the meaning of the parts of the Advent wreath and then showed their understanding by making their own wreath that will go with a writing activity.

Advent prayer table















The top photos are from a recent neighborhood walk in which we sketched details of plants for our science unit on plants.  We found a seedling growing from a seed that dropped from a tree.  We sketched an amazing spider web and looked closely at the details that make plants so special.  We are using the reading comprehension strategy of identifying details in a story just like we found the details in nature.




OFire Prevention:  Our "adopted" fireman Garrett LeFluer                The children work on vowel 
demonstrates with the help of Mrs. B. how the fireman gear              differentiation in small groups.
helps him survive in a fire.








We observed the life cycle of a butterfly in class, from caterpillar to release. The children volunteered to put the stages of the butterfly life cycle in the correct sequence.  We raised a Monarch butterfly!

Here is the caterpillar.



   Here is a close up of the butterfly after we released it.









We are learning the Life Cycle of the Butterfly!





   Mrs. Blatner helps us put words together!

   We have a chrysalis!   

   We practiced our sight words outside!