Grade 2 Mrs. Ciolino's Class


Welcome to Second Grade!

Recently, in March, Mrs. Ciolino’s 2nd graders have worked really hard, and we published a book of our own!  

They were given the Superhero prompt, and were responsible for 2 pages, one for writing and one for illustration. In return, we received beautiful published hard cover books! 

Superhero Books by Grade 2   Superhero Books by Grade 2

Superhero Books by Grade 2   Superhero Books by Grade 2

Superhero Books by Grade 2   Superhero Books by Grade 2

Superhero Books by Grade 2


Second graders led the Ash Wednesday prayer service on March 6.

                                     Ash Wednesday readers

Students are making posteers of the Creation story.

                                      Creation poster

We are studying Black History Month in 2nd grade!

We learned about Dr Martin Luther King Jr, and his fight for equality. We finished our lesson with a writing and art piece in honor of MLK! It works well with our cold hands/warm heart art project.

Dr, King Poster

















February is the month of love! We read “Love Monster” and “Love Monster and the Perfect Present”. We learned that sometimes when you stop looking for something, it ends up coming to you. Also, love is not about expensive gifts, it’s gifts made from love that count most. We finished the lesson by making our own versions of Love Monster! 

The Class   Love Monster  Love Monster

   Love Monster   Love Monster


In January, we are preparing for Catholic Schools Week with a writing piece titled Ascension: The Place For Me!

We are working on our writing skills by preparing a rough draft, and making the corrections needed and re-writing a final copy.  We are also learning that good writers have a topic sentence, supporting details, and a closing. 2nd grade is also focusing on capital letters, neatness, punctuation, and spelling. 

Students writing essays   Students writing essays




Students writing essays   Students writing essays



December is such a busy month! We began with gift-giving – for our Angel Project, we wrapped gifts with Mrs. Treese.
Christmas Around the World brought us to Sweden’s Christmas traditions and we made St Lucia hats. St Lucia is the patron saint of lights. 

Hanging in the windows are our St. Nicholas Day craft projects. Merry Christmas!

children with gifts   Students wearing hats

Santa faces
















We prepare for Jesus. . .

Advent wreath   Advent wreath



It's late November and we have started a Christmas around the world unit. We traveled to France, learned some French Christmas words and made Noel Banners...a French tradition to welcome family and friends! As we were working, we listened to French Christmas music. As you can see, we had a blast! 







Do you know Flat Stanley? Flat Stanley is a book written in 1964 by Jeff Brown.In the book, Stanley is accidentally flattened. He is then sent on a trip to have adventures. The 2nd graders made their own Flat Stanleys, and posters about the adventures!




We are getting ready for Thanksgiving!





This week my math groups are working on repeated addition. One group was rolling dice to put together a repeated addition sentence, and the other group was using cards and recording sheets.














Today in Science we explored weather – including tornadoes!
























We are off to a Great Start!  We are using our new Wonders LA program and working in small groups to pick out key details from text and illustrations.