Grade 3 Mrs. Bracco and Mrs. White's Class




The third graders finished off their year by making a Salt Dough Relief Map of the 48 contiguous states of the U.S.A. Each student assembled their dough at home and then applied it to their map at school. We painted and labeled our own map as true cartographers. Thank you to Mrs. Sego, Mrs.vanThorre,and Mrs. Brunick for your assistance in making this all possible.
See our Salt Map Gallery!


Here are our Biography pictures! 

We are showing out Planet Posters to our 6th grade Buddies!





















On May 3rd the 3rd graders went to the Adler Planetarium!










Our class is making ABC poems to place on our lockers for Grandparents' Day.




















The 3rd grade students in Room 108 made Bunny candy cups for our PADS clients for Easter.















The third graders in Room 108 met with their buddies during religion class to make a resurrection bookmark.









Today the 3rd graders in Room 108, continued with Readers Theater. We had two variations of Stone Soup. Each version was different from the Stone Soup folk tale we read in our reader.




















At our recent Olweus Classroom Meeting students acted our different friendship scenarios with a partner. We practiced friendship-related skills such as greetings, starting a conversation, and asking for help.




Room 108 Also enjoys "Reader's Theater."  The class performed Yertle the Turtle (Left) and Green Eggs and Ham (right.)


On St. Patrick's Day, Grade 3 exemplified the  wearing of the green!
Students worked on some Leprechaun Subtraction in math.



















Grade 3 Room 108 prayed the Rosary today as a class. Mrs. Brunick came into our class to help led the Rosary with Mrs. White. Many students brought a Rosary from home. What a prayerful beginning to Lent!






























During our Classroom Olweus Meeting the students were introduced to the "Bullying Circle." This was an exercise to help students understand the various roles students may play in a bullying situation. Students were given a scenario and described the feelings and actions of their character in a bullying situation. This activity is designed to shift attitudes of students and help them become empowered to join the defenders of bullying.


















The water cycle was explored in Science. Students made a model and a poster about this important part of our world You can see more Pictures in our Gallery!









During our last Olweus classroom meeting, students discovered the ways we are alike. We found out many ways that we are the same but also the ways we are different.











Our 3rd grade scientists constructed an anemometer today in science class. Are you wondering what that might be? An anemometer is an instrument for measuring the speed of the wind. We even went outside to see how they worked.

Take a look in our Anemometer Gallery!

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Thank you 108 room parents for helping us wrap our Christmas Angel Gifts!














Former 3rd grades from Room 108 patiently waited to celebrate the completion of their Summer Skills Pack. They joined Mrs. Bracco and Mrs. White for a long awaited lunch back in their old classroom.
















We are studying "How a Backbone Works" so we constructed one out of gummy candy and pasta.














The third graders visited Mrs. van Thorre's beautiful garden after completing their study of plants. The students sketched flowers and plants and then labeled the parts of the flowers and plants. Students then visited a giant pumpkin growing in Max's backyard.


Mrs. van Thorre enjoyed reading the poems we wrote for her on her last day. Thank you, for being with us in Grade 3, Room 108.


Students enjoyed playing Buddy Bingo on Halloween with 6th grade buddies.














Mrs Bracco's class is taking a break after working hard all morning.