Grade 3 Ms. Kane's Class



Following up on our cookie lab, Room 108 explored the question: what shape of aluminum foil boat will hold the most pennies before sinking? They have developed some pretty accurate theories about buoyancy.

Buoyancy Tests   Buoyancy Tests

Buoyancy Tests   Buoyancy Tests


Third grade scientists investigate which cookie will float the longest in milk: Chips Ahoy, Nutter Butter, Nilla Wafers, or Oreos? Today, groups made their observations and hypotheses before conducting a controlled experiment and recording their data. Tomorrow, they will write up their conclusions and develop theories about buoyancy.

Science   Science

Science   Science


What fun! Here are pictures of the Mrs. Kane/Mrs. Degnan classes glow party reward that took place this afternoon. This was a Run-a-Thon reward!

Children get ready   Glow party

CHildren ready to run   movie


Third graders research a famous person and prepare reports on them. These biographies are presented in class, usually in costume!

Biography   Biographies

George Washington Carver, Pocahontas, Jane Goodall 
                                                                                       Albert Einstein, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Thomas Edison

Biographies   Biographies

Paul Revere, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Sitting Bull          Anne Frank, Michael Jordan, and Roberto Clemente 


Mother Teresa and Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)



On May 14th, third grade explores the Adler Planetarium as a follow-up to our recent Science unit on Earth and the solar system.

Adler trip   Adler trip

Adler trip   Adler trip

Adler trip   Adler trip

Adler trip   Adler trip

Adler trip   Adler trip


In connection with a Social Studies unit on the operation of a small business and economics, third grade students participated in a Shark Tank, Jr. competition in Room 108. Business partners developed a new product idea, drafted business plan components, conducted research on competitive pricing, created an advertising poster, and practiced a persuasive presentation. On Friday, they made their pitches to a panel of "potential investors." The sharks selected Avery and  Justin's Waterfall Washer and Ethan and Mira's Squishy Roarbot as the winning business ideas, but all  new products were innovative, well-conceived and well-presented.  

Business Plans   Business Plans

Business Plans   Business Plans

Business Plans   Business Plans

Business Plans   Business Plans



Ascension celebrated teachers and aides this week during Teacher Appreciation Week! From pastries and coffee to sweets, catered lunch and mini-massages, our dedicated staff was treated like royalty. Today, students were encouraged to bring flowers to make a unique bouquet of thanks. Room 108 and Mrs. Kane display her beautiful assortment.

Class and flowers


After the prayer service on Holy Thursday, Room 108 worked in stations to: (1) see which pair could construct the tallest structure using only plastic eggs and Play-doh; (2) create pop-up Easter cards based on a Pinterest video; and (3) solve Easter word searches, crossword puzzles, and jumbles. We were firing on all cylinders of our brains!

Easter Stations   Easter Stations

Easter Stations   Easter Stations

Easter Stations   Easter Stations


Room 108 students recently completed a culminating project at the end of our math unit on area. They calculated the area of rooms in a floor plan by measuring the side lengths. Then, they had to redesign the rooms with the same area but different side lengths and reassemble them into a new, workable floor plan (trickier than it sounds!). Partners created some beautiful house designs with rooms with courtyards, bump outs, and other interesting features. Frank Lloyd Wright, you’ve got competition in Oak Park!

Math lesson   Math lesson

Math lesson   Math lesson

Math lesson   Math Lesson


Yesterday, the Green Club worked outdoors to plant 54 pansy plants they had painted at the previous meeting. The pots and plants were donated by Empowering Gardens, a garden center in Forest Park that is owned by parishioner Dick Biggins. Next Tuesday, third grade students will distribute the flowers to parishioners who attend the daily morning mass with them as Easter gifts.

Planting   More pictures on the Green Club Page!










Room 108 students had a special class on Japanese language from some OPRF students studying Japanese, including Ascension alum Matt Hartman.

OPRF students   Ascension students


April 5th was the Run-a-Thon! Here's a picture of Team 108 happy but exhausted after our run! Our class won one of the Grand Prizes and will  participate in the Capture the Flag Glow Party on May 17th!



You know what happens on April 1st, right? Team 108 students were great sports about the many pranks played on them by Ms. Kane on April Fool’s Day, including switching out their chairs with PK-4.

April Fool prank   










   April Fool prankApril Fool prank


Third graders made 3-D King Cakes and Donuts in Art!


Art Projects


In March the third graders were measuring lengths to the nearest 1/4 inch. They used their data to create line plots.

Measuring   measuring

charting   charting


After learning about types and formation of landforms, Room 108 students created landform maps for their own islands.

Island maps









Island maps


Inspired by our visit from the illustrator of Audacious Ignatius, students in Room 108 are making audio recordings of folktales, which they will illustrate with original artwork using Google Slides.

Student research   Student research

Student research   Student research


On the first day back after our two “cold days,” Room 108 students researched why it was so cold in Chicago, and prepared a short report explaining the polar vortex. Then on to the Volleyball game!

Students doing research   Students doing research

Students doing research   












   students cheeringStudents cheering


It's Tuesday of CSW and our superhero is RBG!

Superhero dress: RBG

   Teacher and student as RBG








We have many other superheroes and heroes in Room 108-- including this student as her mom! Awesome!

Superheroes   Superheroes


Superheroes  Superheroes 


   Superheroe MomSuperheroes


On Monday of Catholic Schools Week, students could wear colorful pajama bottoms! It was also a Buddy event day; we learned how the illustrator of the book Audacious Ignatius (Ascension parent Katie Broussard) planned and created the watercolor drawings that accompanied the book's text. 

Students wearing pajama bottoms   Students wearing pajama bottoms


In January, third grade students made anemometers as part of our Science unit on weather and climate. We’ll record wind speed measurements using our instruments and create graphs to display our results.

Students with anemometers   Students with anemometers

Students with anemometers












Third graders created a poster to explain a part or all of the water cycle.

Poster of water cycle  poster of the water cycle



Happy New Year!
Watch out, Jeff Kinney! Students in Room 108 took a page from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid author to create personal narrative stories with graphic novel elements. In the writing process, we focused on effective organization, specific details, and using dialogue to move the story along and show what the characters are feeling. Students wrote the final draft using their newly-minted cursive writing skills!




We celebrate Advent.

Advent wreath   Advent wreath


December is here! 

Ms. Kane's Class   Children with treats


We were delighted to welcome Mrs. Claus to our classroom today. Since St. Nicholas left decorated stockings with candy on our desks yesterday, it's really beginning to feel like Christmas in Room 108!


As part of our Social Studies unit on westward expansion in the 1800s, students became pioneers on the Oregon Trail by playing an updated version of the classic computer game. Although most of us died of dysentery, cholera, or starvation, it was still a great learning experience.

Students at laptops   Boys at laptops


Surprized girl   child at laptop


Pen Pals in Taipei

Students in Room 108 are forging cross-cultural connections (and improving their writing skills) with letters to and from pen pals in Taipei, Taiwan. Ms. Kane's daughter is teaching English in Taiwan to students of about the same age. After matching up the classes, we wrote letters to our pen pals describing aspects of our lives here at Ascension and outside of school. We were thrilled to received informative letters back. We now know how to write our names in Chinese characters and can't wait to try stinky tofu!  














Third graders study Native American peoples. Students select a group, research them, and produce a report.





Halloween in Room 108! We had fun with crafts and played Buddy Bingo. Ms. Kane is grateful to her amazing room parents!














Both 3rd grade classes participated in the liturgy for the Feast of St. Francis. The liturgy began with the story of the Saint's life and the class recitation of the Prayer of St. Francis.Fr. Bob Hutmacher was our celebrant. The entrance procession included four third graders carrying items representing care for the earth: a stuffed tiger (endangered animals), a pitcher of water, a globe, and a plant. The 3rd graders have pledged to support the environment by becoming Zero Waste Ambassadors in the lunchroom. Finally, Fr. Bob was congratulated on his 50 years as a Franciscan with a large card signed by the entire school and a plant. Today was a wonderful celebration, which continued as Fr. Bob visited the 3-year-olds and will also attend the mini-charger gathering tomorrow. See pictures in our Gallery.

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Kathleen Sweeney works with both first and third grade classes on Wednesday mornings, providing her expertise as a reading specialist to assist students with literacy and comprehension skills. We are very lucky to have such a dedicated, experienced, and compassionate volunteer.


A Zero Waste Ambassador training session led by Gina Orlando and Kathy Sullivan was held with the entire third grade. Gina coordinates Ascension's HOME team, and both she and Kathy have spearheaded the initiative to reduce Ascension School's contribution to landfill waste in our lunchtime food program. As a service project connected with their role in the St. Francis Mass on October 4th, the third graders are all training as Zero Waste Ambassadors, who monitor and provide guidance with the disposal of waste into liquid, compost, recycling, and landfill containers in the Pine Room. In addition to each student rotating through this role during the 3rd-4th grade lunch period as a classroom job, the third graders will be training students in all other grades in current acceptable waste sorting practices.






We worked with our sixth grade buddies today to make flowers and cards to show Ms. Jackie how much we appreciate all she does for us in the lunchroom.




























To supplement our Science unit on how plants live and grow, Room 108 went on a field trip to the Oak Park Conservatory.



Welcome to 3rd grade! 











We're excited to start third grade in Room 108!