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Graduation Day!


Ascension's Class of 2018 

The Ascension Community is proud to present the unforgettable, exceptional Class of 2018.  6/4/2018

Does this thing go on the left, or right?

Making sure the cantors are on the same sheet of music.

Graduated, but not forgotten.



Graduation Practice - the Sequel 6/1/2018

Stand Up                                                                                                                                                Sit Down



No More Pencils, No More Books

(Until August... or sooner if you have summer school) 5/31/2018


Parting Sentiments - Room 206 has Left the Building. 5/31/2018


One More Visit with our Buddies 5/31/2018


Graduation Practice - Dry Run

To get a head start on graduation preparation, our 8th grade lined up to create our procession for June's graduation. 5/31/2018 

The 7th grade is gonna miss them, too.


One of the Last Days to Play

On their last Friday as Ascension students (and because there was no study hall!), several of our 8th graders elected to play on the green space on a beautiful Spring morning. 5/25/2018


Fin = mc2

Sometimes, Finley gets in a zone and proceeds to leave a math equation on the board.  5/24/2018


Ribbon Day - The Beginning of the End

On May 23, the Class of 2018 received class ribbons during their last all-school Mass.  These wonderful keepsakes remind us of their achievements as 8th graders and serve as symbols of their upcoming graduation.   

Posing in the Pine Room during a post-Mass reception.


The Constitution Test - No Pressure

On May 22 and May 24, our 8th grade completed their long-awaited, much-anticipated Constitution tests.  From filibusters to franking, to lame ducks and gerrymandering, our students learned many finer points pertaining to the U.S. Constitution and U.S. politics.

If the opposite of pro is con, does that mean the opposite of progress is Congress?

Veto? Isn't that a sandwich at Jimmy Johns?


Last Dance - May 18, 2018

After an afternoon of picnicking, the Ascension Junior High spent an evening in the Pine Room for the last dance of school year.


The Ascension Picnic - A May Tradition

On May 18, Ascension Students journeyed to nearby parks for our annual picnic.  Here are some pictures of the Class of 2018 enjoying their last school picnic. 5/18/2018

Below, Kigives a tutorial on dance.


Ascension students love their soccer.


On to Springfield!

On May 11, Ascension's Class of 2018 embarked on a 15 hour, 400 mile round trip to our state's capital.  During the day, we endured a 40 degree temperature swing, visited Abraham Lincoln's tomb and home, stopped at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum, and toured the Old State Capitol and New State Capitol.  Here are some pictures of our memorable trip. 5/11/2018

Arriving at school by the dawn's early light...


Off we go - traveling in style on our well-appointed charter bus.


We must stay fed and hydrated on this trip.    Not pictured: Brayden's whole rotisserie chicken.


Outside Abraham Lincoln's tomb


Inside Abraham Lincoln's final resting place

Rubbing Lincoln's nose supposedly brings good luck.


Standing outside the only home Abraham Lincoln ever owned.


At the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum

A mighty fine graduation dress - for 1860!



Beholding a very large painting at the Illinois State Capitol


Anticipating a PIZZA buffet dinner


People laughed at my soft serve.  A LOT!!


One last rest stop visit.  THIS is why we sign waivers for this trip!



Learning about the Holocaust

On April 30, Ascension's Class of 2018 headed to Skokie, IL to visit the world's third largest Holocaust Museum.  4/30/2018


April's Student Council Dance

On April 27, our 7th and 8th grade enjoyed their first dance of the Spring.  Good times. smiley 4/27/2018

Organizing the dance permission slips and marking attendees.


Come on, guys, DANCE!



Off to the Theater and Dining in Style

On April 26, the Class of 2018 went to Drury Lane to see South Pacific.  Before seeing the musical, we had a fantastic dining experience at Maggiano's Little Italy. 4/26/2018

Dare you to eat that pepper!  Just don't drink the oil (wait - too late).


Here's your shoe picture, Sara! (I'm at the top!)laugh


Run - A - Thon 2018 - Last Dance Dash

After Easter break, Ascension's 8th graders spent Friday the 13th helping with and running in their final Run - A - Thon.  In addition to running hundreds of laps, the Class of 2018 counted thousands more when the other grades completed their fifteen minutes of running. 4/13/2018



Holy Thursday and the Triduum

Ascension's Class 0f 2018 continued our tradition of commemorating the Condemnation, Crucifixion, and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior.  After several practices, their performances were exceptional. 3/29/2018



Having some fun at the end of the day. 3/28/2018



Research - History's Indispensable Friend

Formulating historical narratives and opinions requires research.  In preparation for an essay test,our class of 2018 spent a period gathering additional facts and details pertaining to the Battle of the Alamo and Manifest Destiny. 3/21/2018


Boys Pack the Place 2018 - Final Call

Ascension's 8th grade boys celebrated their final Pack the Place with an exciting win in the presence of a very enthusiastic crowd.  Here are some pictures of school spirit behind the scenes and in the gym. 3/9/2018

Step 1: Work


Step 2: Wait


Step 3: Win!



Not sure what to make of this picture, but it was the end of the day and no one was hurt. 2/20/2018


Graduation Pictures Arrive!

Our 8th graders were treated to a glimpse of their graduation picture proofs barely a week after posing.  For the first time in memory, students seemed uninterested in grabbing their phones at the end of the day.  The word "retake" was heard frequently, along with good-hearted laughter. As we go on...♫ 2/21/2018


Mission Day Memories!

Ascension's Class of 2018 celebrated their last Mission Day in February.  Here we are throughout the day. As we go on...2/16/2018

Class Pets!  Meet 2018 and Unnamed.

Luke and Dom swap jerseys.  Hmmm...



8th Grade Picture Day!

February at Ascension features the rite of passage of 8th Grade Picture Day.  In addition to donning their finest threads, students were also measured for and photographed with caps and gowns.  Here are some pictures of our sharp-dressed 8th graders.  As we go on...♫ 2/13/2018



Catholic Schools Week 2018

Learn   Serve   Lead   Succeed

...and have FUN!

The last day of Catholic Schools weeks is quite fun.  Not only is it Mismatched Clothing Day, but Ascension also attends and participates in the annual 8th Grade - Teacher Volleyball Game in the gym at the end of the day.  The teachers won two of three games, and a fun (and loud) time was had by all.  Here are some samples of Ascension fashion and competition. 2/2/2018



In addition to attending morning Mass and organizing a coin collection for Ascension's Teach the Children Fund, Ascension Catholic School participates in its Catholic Schools Week tradition of Buddy Bowling in our favorite team gear.  Here are some pictures highlighting this memorable field trip. 2/1/2018




















Pack the Place 2018 

Blue Rules!

Ascension's girls enjoyed a fantastic Pack the Place on Friday, January 19.  Each grade was victorious, cheering was energetic, Ted won a $55 "Split the Pot", and Paul won $20 with a half court shot during "Shoot for Cash"! 1/19/2018



Preparing for Pack the Place and Spreading School Spirit

Ascension's 8th grade girls are preparing for their last Pack the Place.  Players and fans alike spent time during lunch making posters to decorate the gym and unite around the teams.  Join us in cheering on the Chargers this Friday, January 19, in the Ascension gym.  The games begin at 5 pm. 1/17/2018   1/18/2018


Ascension's 18th Annual Geography Bee - Ella Reigns

Which ocean includes Nikumaroro Island?  Ella knows, and her answer  (the Pacific Ocean) helped propel her to victory in Ascension's annual Geography Bee.  Ella will now take a state qualifying exam in her quest to compete in the State Competition.  Congratulations, and best wishes, Ella!! 1/16/2018


Christmas time with our Buddies

'Twas the week before Christmas break,  and our 8th grade visited our 1st grade buddies.  Together, we made Christmas cards for our valued Ascension staff and read Christmas stories. 12/18/2017



Prologue to the Gospel of John

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God....

In December, Father Hurlbert encouraged our 8th grade students to memorize and recite the Prologue to the Gospel of John.  Our class had two students achieve this impressive feat, and Father Hurlbert presented each with a framed Latin text of the Prologue.  Thanks, Father! 12/13/2017



Ascension goes to the Nutcracker!

Ascension students were treated to a live performance of the Nutcracker at Dominican University.  Our 8th grade students sat with their 1st grade buddies and enjoyed a Grade A performance. 12/11/2017



Learning About Our Lady of Guadalupe

After an insightful lesson from Father Hurlbert, 8th graders pose with his picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 12/6/2017

Preparing for Advent and Christmas

After a lesson from Father Hurlbert, Ascension 8th graders assembled and decorated the Room 206 Christmas Tree. 12/1/2017


Readers are Leaders

Our Student Council President uses the final minutes of the day to wrap up an exciting passage in To Kill a Mockingbird. 11/15/2017


A Special Tour of Our Church

Father Hurlbert works with Ascension's Class of 2018 on a weekly basis.  In November, our class journeyed to Church and learned about the paintings in the Dome, features of the Altar, and the spiritual messages in the stained glass windows.  11/15/2017


Buddy Bingo - An Ascension Halloween Tradition

8th grade students hosted their first grade buddies from Ms. Rippin's 1st grade for three fun rounds of Buddy Bingo.  A good time, and candy, was had by all.  Thanks to Home and School for organizing this memorable event. 10/31/2017


Halloween Fun

While studying the War of 1812, Ascension's 8th grade History class was invaded visited by Mrs. Boockmeier's Kindergarten class.  While showing off their wonderful costumes, the Kindergarten students wowed the 8th graders with their knowledge of state capitals. 10/31/2017  


Mapping America

The Lewis and Clark Expedition traveled more than 7,000 miles, reaching the Pacific Ocean and documenting more than 100 plants and 100 animals along the way.  Ascension's 8th grade prepares a map activity to illustrate this fantastic journey of discovery. 10/23/2017


Doing our part for the Souper Stadium Challenge

Eighth graders in Room 206 stand with their classroom donation to the Souper Stadium Challenge food drive.  10/6/2017


Time to Testify...  Ascension's 8th graders attack their first History test of the year. 

Number of A's: 20  10/5/2017



7th graders enjoy a beautiful October day with a game of basketball after lunch 10/5/2017



High School Visits

On October 4, local Catholic High Schools visited Ascension's 8th grade to offer many fine options for continuing a Catholic education.


Meeting the Buddies!

On Thursday, September 28, Mr. Sengstock's 8th grade homeroom spent the end of the day with Ms. Rippin's 1st grade.  The buddies huddled and created posters that show how Love, Kindness, and Respect can be demonstrated at Ascension.  Here they are in action...  


Grade 6 conquers their first study guide of the year.  9/21/2017


Israel is so hard to see.  It's barely the size of New Jersey!


Labeling Turkey makes me Hungary hungry!


Remember - a millennium is NOT a million years!


Jumping rope in the shade on a very hot last day of meteorlogical summer. 

"Down in the valley where the green grass grows..."  9/21/2017


Irons Oaks Field Trip!!!

On Monday, September 18, Ascension School's Class of 2018 went to Irons Oaks to tackle their Team Challenge Course and High Ropes Course.  Here is a glimpse at some of the fun we had!

Here is our balancing activity.  Working together, our group kept the giant seesaw level for more than 3 minutes.  To prevent distraction, they decided to sing "100 Bottles of Bleach on the Wall."


Getting 16 students through a hula hoop in just over 10 seconds.


Tarzan Time (Jane, too)!


Talk the talk and walk the blocks...


Aftermath - Talking it over...


On to the High Ropes Course... Geared up and ready to elevate!


Michael and Chris will be hoisting up participants and administering the Super Wedgie Deluxe.


Belay on! Climb on! Wedgie on!!


No fear here!


Do not attempt at home...



$47.50!  Our 8th grade homeroom elected to help families affected by Hurricane Harvey by donating to the Texas Diaper Bank. http://texasdiaperbank.networkforgood.com.  Over the course of one week, anonymous donations from our homeroom to this treasure chest totaled $47.50.  We aspired to follow Jesus by offering individual alms discreetly, without blowing a trumpet (Matthew, Chapter 6).  9/11/2017


Enjoying and selling ice cream to raise money for 8th grade field trips.  9/8/2017


For some reason, several 7th and 8th grade students decided to lie across the green space during lunch recess    9/8/2017


Last period of the day - beginning Religion Class in a prayerful state of mind.   8/30/2017


Enjoying Ascension's beautiful green space during lunch recess  8/24/2017


Grade 8 conquers their first history assignment of the year - Be sure to define federalism, not feudalism!  8/23/2017


Looking Sharp: Ascension's Class of 2020 enjoys their first day of Junior High - 8/22/2017


Day One - Must organize the lockers...


Ascension School Class of 2018 - The Last First Day of School / Solar Eclipse Day


August, 2017 - A wonderful new school year awaits...

A beautiful school year awaits...