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Mr. Sengstock is the 8th Grade homeroom teacher for Room 206.



















May 10, 2019 was a beautiful day to visit the Lincoln sites in Springfield, Illinois.

Springfield trip, Lincoln sites  Springfield trip, Lincoln sites

Lincoln's Tomb and his house.


Springfield trip, Lincoln sites  Springfield trip, Lincoln sites

The obelisk atop the Tomb and a bronze of the statue in the Lincoln Memorial

Springfield trip, Lincoln sites  Springfield trip, Lincoln sites

Lincoln's Tomb and rubbing Lincoln's nose for luck

Springfield trip, Lincoln sites  Springfield trip, Lincoln sites

Outside the Tomb, inside the Capitol

Springfield trip, Lincoln sites  Springfield trip, Lincoln sites

Inside the Capitol



Grandparents' Day, May 3, 2019. Our last one!

Grandparents' Day in Room 206   Grandparents' Day in Room 206



On Monday, April 29, 2019, 8th grade students took a field trip to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Skokie. This trip is the culmination of a semester-long unit on the Holocaust. Students heard a survivor speak about her experiences in Kiev, Ukraine. Pictures are in this blog.


8th graders are getting ready for the Triduum Prayer Service. Here are three view of practice.

Practice in church  8th graders  

stdents in church















8th graders had their graduation pictures taken in February. Presumably, the boys were looking equally great!

8 graders on picture day  8 graders on picture day

8 graders on picture day   8 graders on picture day

8 graders on picture day   8 graders on picture day

8th graders on Mismatched Clothing and Crazy Hair Day! 8th grade won the Volleyball games 2-1/

Mismatched clothing   winner celebrate





Student Council has been gathering gifts for the Christmas Angel Project.

















The Lewis and Clark Expedition lasted 863 days and traveled 7,689 miles.  This week, the 8th grade mapped this epic voyage.








We knew it would happen–the temperature dropped and lunch recess was very chilly!


















The 8th graders at Ascension took a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago on October 11, 2018.. More on Ms. Grimm's page

















Last Friday in September, First Dance of the year 9/28/2018


Phase 1 - Before the lights go down...


Phase 2 - Let the Music Play


Getting ready for the first dance of the year

Our Student Council Activity Director organizes the final batch of permission slips. 9/28/2018




Gold in September - a fantastic charity

Ascension Student Council sells lollipops and raises a hearty sum for childhood cancer research. 9/28/2018


Prepping for a History Test

Notes and flashcards and study guides (oh, my!). 9/27/2018


Examination Aftermath

It's called Test Hair. 10/1/2018



Look who finally saw Hamilton

Thank you for a memorable night, Class of 2018.  What a wonderful gift! 9/27/2018







**The 8th Grade goes to Irons Oaks**

Objective: Team Building and High Ropes Course

On Friday, September 7, the Class of 2019 arrived for a 10 hour day of outdoor activities to enhance leadership training and problem solving skills outside of the classroom.  On the ropes course, in harnesses and helmets, students conquered different challenges, explored new horizons, took risks, and pushed themselves to new levels. 9/7/2018


Step 1: Arrival

By the dawn's early light...


Step 2: Delay

When the bus is tardy frown,we entertain ourselves with games & conversation.laugh


Step 3: Terra Firma

Half of our day involved working as teams to tackle tasks involving collaboration, cooperation, trial & error, and critical thinking skills.


Step 4: Reach for the sky

Get Ready...


Get Set...




Owning the Course...


Step 5: Back to Earth.



The Activity Director Directs an Activity

Linnea purports to manage our History Class as students arrive. 9/6/2018


If it's August there will be ice cream.

Members of the Class of 2019 will sell lots of ice cream to help cover the cost of this year's field trips. 8/31/2018



Love, Kindness, Respect, and Service

Ascension School ended August with an afternoon prayer service.  Our inaugural gathering included a food drive for our friends at St. Martin de Porres.. 8/31/2018

Ascension's Class of 2019: Sharing, Gathering, Carrying


Designing Boats to make Pennies Float

Ascension's 8th graders wound down the month of August experimenting with foil, pennies, and water.  How many pennies will each boat hold? 8/30/2018

Step 1: Craft your watercraft



Step 2: Float your boat


Step 3: Record your data



Our 8th grade students have a variety of ways to use our expansive green space during lunch recess.. 8/27/2018


It's only the second full day of school and we already have HOMEWORK?! surprise

Yes, yes we do... Cue maniacal teacher laugh. smiley


Make sure you're defining federalism and not feudalism.


At least I gave you time to start the assignment in class, right?


Ascension's Class of 2019 - As 8th grade begins...

Here are some pictures of our freshly minted 8th graders during their last first day of school at Ascension. 8/20/2018


Commandeering lockers.


Must use magnets, not tape,


Need to have that scrap book for Mrs. Vainisi.


Negotiating the stubborn locker shelves, one last time.


Catching up with friends.



Ascension's Class of 2019 - As 7th grade ends...

The new school year is off to a great start, and our 8th graders are gearing up for a memorable final year together.  Here they are in the final days of 7th grade, enjoying their status as the oldest students in the building. June 2018

Ending our History Class in tasty fashion.



Getting Ready to deliver election speeches as Student Council candidates.


Checking out the view from the lectern.


Go time.


Stand and Deliver.



Nothing quite like the last day of school.


At last - on to summer vacation.