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Mrs. Flowers know so much about books! Here she is introducing students to a wonderful series called Urgency Emergency, in which familiar nursery rhyme characters wind up in the Emergency Room! (Think Humpty Dumpty) After the story and a discussion Mrs. Flowers had many more similar books laid out on tables for the children to peruse.

Mrs. Flowers   Urgency Emergency book



DId you know that the Ursuline Center is also our "Maker Space?" The flexible space and moveable furniture make this an ideal place for classroom projects and presentations, as well as STEM projects. The 4th graders are learning to weave in our new library maker space! Students are using donated cds and yarn to make unique, creative and colorful designs with the help of Mrs. Doherty and Mrs. Flowers. Take a look!

Teacher presentation   Teacher and student


students working   students working




students weaving   weaving projects

weaving projects   weaving projects



Look who is visiting the Ursuline Center?  Thanks to Ms. Grimm and our 5th grade artists “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” in the library!

Nutcracker   Nutcracker   Nutcracker

















Thanks to the Art Club and Ms. Grimm for painting beautiful new browsing sticks for the library! Each stick goes with a favorite picture book and will help us to keep all of our books in the right place.                           

On the right, the Ursuline Center was the perfect location for STEM presentations  by the 4th and 5th graders. More  information on Mrs. Douglass'  Page.                                                   






Ms. Ford’s 4th grade class came to the Ursuline Center to work on an important “Everyone Should Vote” project. The research included books, computers, graphic organizers, writing, and designing posters. Well done 4th grade! 




Mrs. Flowers, our Librarian!




The Ursuline Center is dedicated and open for use! Students use it daily and adult meetings use it in the evening, as in the "Positive Parenting" meeting, below.












The Library Resource Center will be known as the Ursuline Center!  Everyone is invited for the dedication of the Ursuline Center after the 11:00 mass on Sunday, October 21,

   During construction, Mrs. Flowers used to have Library time in classrooms.Here she introduces the  2nd graders to a real favorite, Officer Buckle and Gloria.