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I am pleased to present the Class of 2019 Masterpieces.


This winter our halls are adorned with fantastic student art! 2nd graders riffed on Robert Indiana's work "Love" and 4th graders drew snowy day scenes (of themselves!) using perspective. Take a look!

                                    Grade 2 project

art, Love   art, Love

art, Love   art, Love


                                                                 Perspective work

Perspective work   Perspective work


Perspective work   Perspective work


Today (January 23) 3 graders presented their Native American masks to students in PK3.

Students with masks Students holding masks



Happy New Year!

The halls of Ascension are teeming with student art!

Bird in Pine   Bird in pine tree

Positive-negative space   Positive-negative space


Creative Mask   Creative Mask

Creative Mask   Creative Mask


Art students made seasonal decorations for the Ursuline Center.





1st grade students are expanding on creating concentric circles that they learned last year to create a moonlit background for there owl drawing!


1st graders got to do art in their classroom today. They used a printmaking technique to create apples for their Cezanne/Matisse inspired still life painting.



2nd graders discover the direction of line to create movement in art! They recreated the starry night for the sky in their pumpkin patch drawing.





















The 8th graders at Ascension took a field trip to the Art Institute of Chicago on October 11, 2018. The purpose of the trip was to demonstrate to the students the differences between Impressionism and other forms of art. 8th graders will then choose a painting and reproduce it, using techniques they learn in art.








Our Homeroom recently had an Olweus lesson in Religion Class. Ms. Grimm assisted Mr. Mueller with the lesson: building a tall structure with spaghetti strands and marshmallows! It was a great lesson in teamwork.






Ms. Grimm begins a 2nd grade art class with a book about making mistakes – Beautiful Oops! by Barney Saltzberg

After reading the book Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltzberg. The students discussed how to turn accidents and mistakes into beautiful and creative works of art. Here the students took scribbles and paint splatters and made abstracts designs, pictures that tell a story, and silly creations.






























Duncan in Second grade turned a blue scribble into a lamb swimming across a river! See below-

In Fourth Grade the students study radial symmetry we learned how to create design using radial symmetry. Before we began, we studied the history of Mandalas and how they are represented in different cultures. 











In Second Grade we are reviewing the author study of Eric Carl that they learned about in first grade. The students looked at a variety of Eric Carl's artwork and practiced drawing out animals for their collaborative book! The students chose a animal jungle theme!  After reading and looking through a variety of Eric Carl books, the students discussed how Eric Carl made the artwork for his books. They discussed collage techniques and different ways to create textures in paint.  


Here the students are collaboratively working on creating big painted sheets of paper, they are working on creating different tints and shades of color as well as using materials to create texture in the paint. The students will use these sheets of painted paper for their individual collage.  

In Sixth Grade the students are learning about the artist Chuck Close who was widely known for his portrait paintings. The students learned how to do his grid method to map out the right proportions! We discussed how Chuck Close was able to adapt his skills in art when he became paralyzed and how he problem solved through new obstacles.