Ascension School has a computer room that all classes utilize. PK3 - 2nd graders come to the Computer Room once per week and Grades 3rd - 8th are scheduled for Computer Class twice a week.  In addition,  Junior High Language Arts classes have a writing lab in the computer room once a week. 

Ascension’s computer room is a PC environment with a desktop for each student and  2 printers, black and color. Every classroom has wireless access to the school’s network.  Computer class time is used for the learning computer skills, digital citizenship, and working on teacher-assigned projects.
Each year we are looking to expand our technology curriculum by bringing more devices, software and applications into our classrooms to supplement curriculum.  We currently have dedicated carts for laptops, iPads, and Tablets.   Teachers can arrange for a one device to each student ratio when working on coursework requiring technology in classrooms.

Technology in the classrooms is used to reinforce our traditional curriculum. The younger grades use technology to reinforce basic concepts while our older students utilize the devices for differentiated instruction and assessments.  
Our devices are also used in Music and Art classes.