A student interpretation of a Hokusai masterpiece.

Visual Arts


 Kindergarten-Third Grade Art Techniques & Subjects

In grades Kindergarten through Third grade we will focus on fine motor skills,  introducing a variety of art materials, and using inspiration from books, holidays, cultures, and famous artists. Here are some key art techniques and subjects we will work on:

  • Line Drawings/Directed Line Instruction
  • Cutting and Pasting (lots of this!)
  • Primary and Secondary Colors (painting and/or collage
  • Free Expression
  • Watercolor Introduction (increases in difficulty with grade levels)
  • Form-based art (Ceramics)
  • Painted Paper (mixing paint and experimenting with textures)
  • Drawing/Rendering with Oil pastel, Crayon or Chalk
  • Creating Art with Shapes
  • Portraits (K and 1st)
  • Modern Artist and Art History (1st-3rd)

Fourth-Eighth Grade Art Techniques & Subjects

In grades Fourth through Eighth we will focus on deep meaning and experimentation in art subjects and materials.   For example, students will experiment with manipulating materials used to create art to further express their ideas and emotions. We will work on:

  • Drawing/Line Drawing Lessons with markers
  • Watercolor Techniques (resist, salt, lifting, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry)
  • Tempera Painting (mixing paints/tints and tones)
  • Paper Cutting and Collage
  • Form-Based lesson (ceramics)
  • Art History (Artist, Culture)
  • Oil Pastel Lesson
  • Chalk Pastel Lesson
  • Portraits (5th)
  • Ceramic Tile Mural (6th)
  • Modern Artists
  • Colored Pencils/charcoal