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Ascension Women's Cooperative (AWC)


Spring 2021

The Ascension Women’s Cooperative is looking for new members!

The goal of Ascension Women's Cooperative (AWC) is to bring women of the parish together to help address the needs of our community. The AWC organizes several events throughout the year to not only provide social and spiritual opportunities, but also to raise funds in support of other ministries and worthy causes. If you have ever sat down to roll the dice at one of our BUNCO nights, filled your cookie box with delicious homemade treats, or raised your glass to an Ascension Women of the Year, then you know what joy AWC brings to our parish. AWC also sponsors the Angel Cooks Ministry, which provides meals for parishioners in times of need. Due to COVID, normal yearly recruitments were paused and now many members are nearing the end of their 3-year term. We are looking for new members to help keep this time-honored ministry alive!
Please contact Katie Brunick at if you are interested in becoming a member of AWC.

Women of the Parish, Join us!

The Ascension Women's Cooperative (AWC) fosters a relationship with all women of the parish to bring various ministries together, to bridge relationships across generations, to gather school and religious education families together, and to address the needs of the parish, our community and the world at large.
The AWC organizes a number of events throughout the year to provide social and spiritual opportunities and to raise funds to support Ascension’s ministries and other worthy causes. We also sponsor the Angel Cooks Ministry to provide meals for parishioners in times of need. We sincerely hope to increase participation from all women of the parish. If you would like more information or are interested in volunteering, please email parishioner and current AWC president Katie Brunick. If you would like more information about Angel Cooks, please visit our Minister to Others web page.
Our annual programs include Cookie Walk and Christmas Market in December, Bunco, and Ladies Night Out each Spring. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!
Katie Brunick
AWC President