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Backyard Theology 2021

Backyard theology

The Ascension Lifelong Learning and Adult Faith Formation Committee invites you to

“Backyard Theology”

Finding God: Many Journeys to the Same Source

Join us as we gather outdoors for this three-part series.

Part Three of this 3-Part Series:

Fulfilling the Promise “I Am With You Always”

with Father Carl Morello

July 20 at 7:30 pm at the Ascension Parish Green

Bring a lawn chair and beverage


 “Backyard Theology” 2021 concludes on Tuesday evening, July 20, with a summer series on Finding God: Many Journeys to the Same Source.  This series is presented by the Lifelong Learning and Adult Faith Formation Committee at Ascension Parish in Oak Park.

Fr. Carl
 On July 20, Father Carl Morello will speak on Fulfilling the Promise “I Am With You Always” at the Ascension Green south of the Church at 801 South East Avenue in Oak Park.  Fr. Carl shares this as his introduction to our evening together: None of us likes to be thrown into the spiritual “dark nights” that life can thrust upon us at times. Yet, often it is here that we uncover the truth of our essence in God and what God asks of us at these challenging times: to believe in faith, God is still present!  Our path to finding God invites us to enter new avenues with hope.

Bring your portable chair and the beverage of your choice and come join other members of our Oak Park Parishes for some spiritual enrichment, interactive discussion, prayer, and fellowship.

Fr. Carl was ordained as a priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1983.  A Forest Park native, Fr. Carl currently serves as Pastor of St. Giles Parish and Administrator of Ascension.  
Thank you to all who have joined us so far this summer!

Jenn Delveaux

On July 6, Jennifer Delvaux of the Archdiocesan Office of Evangelization spoke on Real HolinessBeing called to be holy can seem overwhelming when we have to juggle work, family, friendships, hobbies, and the joys of Chicago traffic. What does it mean to be holy as a normal person in the world today?  Come explore what a few saints may have to offer, a few pearls of wisdom from Pope Francis, and the chance to reflect on your own holiness.


 Jennifer Delvaux attends Ascension and is the Senior Coordinator for Evangelization of the Archdiocese of Chicago Office for Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship.



Ashraf AmayaOn July 13, Ashraf Amaya spoke on Mary and Jesus: Companions on the Journey.  Ashraf discussed how his daily walk as a disciple of Jesus includes these two important people.  


Ashraf attended Ascension school through 7th grade before graduating from Percy Julian.  A professional basketball player for the Seattle Wizards and other teams, Ashraf has traveled extensively carrying his Catholic identity to all countries.  Currently he coaches and mentors young people in the sport and serves as a life coach and personal trainer for adults.  Ashraf is a member of Ascension Parish and recently completed his confirmation.