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Counseling Services

Each year Ascension parish collaborates with the Claret Center in Chicago to provide a counselor to the parish and school community.  We are pleased to welcome Fr. Marlon Innis for the 2019/2020 year! 

Fr. Marlon Innis, SJ, will be working on-site at Ascension, usually one day a week, in association with the Claret Center Parish Counseling Program. Fr. Innis is from Guyana, South America. He is pursuing an MA in Pastoral Counseling, and is in his third year of study at Loyola University Chicago. 


From Fr. Innis:

One of my goals during internship is to journey with my clients as they seek to understand the challenges which beset them as they seek to find solutions to these challenges. My approach to therapy is rooted in a person-centered approach in combination with other types of therapy which offers support, sympathy and encouragement to the client.

Guyana is a developing country which is faced with a number of social problems. One such social ill is our broken family life. Consequently, persons are affected with psychological issues, such as trauma, anxiety, depression, poor self-image, alcohol, narcotic overuse and suicide among others. Broken family structure has led to overpopulated prisons. Unlike North America, some Guyanese are hesitant to admit that they need counseling.

In addition to my priestly formation I decided that it would be beneficial to acquire training in Pastoral Counseling, so that I can better assist persons who need psychological accompaniment. Hence, I enrolled in the MA in Pastoral Counseling at Loyola University.

Prior to entering religious life I spent seven years as a school teacher which provided me with the opportunity to interact with teenagers, fellow peers and parents. 

If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact me at 312-529-0395 or marlon.innis@yahoo.com.

—Rev. Marlon Innis, SJ, Claret Center Counselor