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Christian Family Movement (CFM)

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What is Christian Family Movement (CFM)? 

Christian Family Movement is a network of parish family groups who meet to discuss issues of relevance to today's Christian families. Groups discuss a different issue each month, observe the challenges presented, judge the topic from a Christian framework, and plan actions based upon individual and group callings.

When does CFM meet?  CFM begins in September each year and continues through May. Members of CFM are assigned to small groups of 5-8 couples (or individuals) who meet once a month.  Social and service activities involving all the individual CFM groups are also held over the course of the year which may include the whole family.

This year 2 groups are meeting on Sunday late afternoon and we are working to develop a 3rd group for a once-a-month on Tuesday night.  Interested?  Email Mary Catherine at [email protected].  Who is in CFM?  People you already know, and some new friends!  Since this is our first year, it’s hard to know how big or how quickly we will grow.

Who can join CFM?  CFM is for adult couples or individuals who wish to participate in a regular, dynamic dialogue with other Christians to discuss the challenges of faith and action we all face in everyday life. It is a perfect place for interfaith couples to share their common Christian values.

How do I join CFM?  If you have missed the deadline but would still like to learn more, please contact Mary Catherine Meek at [email protected] or call 708-434-1533. There is still time to join in this 2019-2020 year.  Encourage others you know to “come and see.” This year our book will be Meeting Jesus Changes Everything.  Only $10 covers your dues this first year as we begin this new section of CFM.