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Mental & Spiritual Health during COVID-19

We recognize that this is a very difficult time for members of our parish community.

Feelings of despair are real, and anxiety and depression are on the rise. There are resources available. We will use this webpage to make available resources in our community.

To begin, we wanted to share a differentiation between spiritual direction and counseling as this topic is often brought up.


Fr. Bob Hutmacher, ofm, shares this explanation:

We frequently receive requests for spiritual direction and counseling.  Though the two can overlap at times, there is a difference between them.  These brief descriptions may help you decide which one you need.

Counseling / therapy: the primary relationship is between therapist and client.  The therapist assists the client by listening to the movements, patterns and needs of the client.  The aim(s) of therapy or counseling of any kind can be to help the client solve problems, change behaviors, perhaps look into one’s past and see what impacts relationships now. Counseling can also be confrontational or help the client set goals. Frequency depends on what is accomplished by the client; it can require only one or many sessions.

Spiritual direction: the primary relationship here is the client’s relationship with God.  The director accompanies the directee in her or his journey with God.  The director helps the client discern the experience of God in daily life.  Perhaps the directee wants to change prayer styles and patterns or to be more attentive to God’s voice. He or she agrees to accept the director’s guidance.  Spiritual direction can be a longterm commitment on the part of both director and directee.  It is always done in the context of prayer and spiritual trust.

Here are some counseling and mental health resources:

Spiritual Direction Resources