Ascension Preschool

It's a Great Start!
Education begins long before children enter school. 

At Ascension, we see our preschool programs as an extension of the development that happens at home.  Our nurturing, play-based classes for three and four year-olds focus on promoting the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual growth of our youngest students.

Ascension offers three preschool programs to meet the needs of young families.  Our students' days focus on socialization, reading preparation and developing motor skills and independence.  All of our classes emphasize play, art and music as part of their daily curriculum, and have access to both outdoor and indoor play spaces.  Each classroom has one certified early childhood teacher and a qualified teacher's aid.

3 Year Old Program

Your three year-old is growing in independence, learning new skills and ready to make friends!  Our class dedicated to three year-olds just beginning their academic experience is designed with your child in mind.  With a choice of 2 or 3 days per week, children will be given the support they need to learn and grow.

4 Year Old Program

Our four year-old classroom focuses on building on the skills developed as a three year-old, but with an added focus on readying our budding academics for kindergarten.  Through play, art and music, we foster a love of reading and lay the foundation for your child's future education.  Our four year-olds meet Monday through Friday in either the morning or afternoon.

Multi-Age Program

Our multiage class for three and four year-olds provides a full-day, comprehensive environment for preschoolers at all developmental stages.  This class gives children the unique developmental atmosphere to take on early leadership roles and to learn from the examples of children slightly older than themselves.  Students who enroll as three year-olds also enjoy the benefit of consistency over a two-year period before transitioning to kindergarten.  


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