Library Resource Center

Investing in our future!

This twenty-first century world demands that we reach our students in new ways...The Library Resource Center will be a collaborative space that will promote both project-based learning and technology integration.

-Cathy Flowers, school librarian

At Ascension School, we are investing in the future of our children! 

This summer we will begin construction of a state-of-the-art space where our entire student body will be able to work independently, in groups, or one-on-one with instructors.  The Ascension School Library Resource Center will combine the traditional library and computer lab to create a dynamic learning space where students and faculty can create, study and collaborate. 

Since announcing this project in November 2017, we have worked with school and parish leadership to secure a portion of the necessary philanthropic support for this project.  With this foundation, we will be able to begin the construction process in June of this year with a projected grand opening in the fall of 2018. This project will be funded entirely through donations. We will need the support of our entire community to realize the full vision of the Ascension Library Resource Center, which will be designed using cutting edge technology, modular flexible seating and high-quality library resources that will last into the next generation of Ascension students.

This project will benefit our entire student body by providing all grade levels with a modern resource space.  It will also allow us to improve our early childhood facilities.  By relocating our current library, we are freeing up a ground-level space that will be transformed into a new classroom dedicated to our preschool.  The addition of a classroom will give us the ability to offer additional early childhood options and will create a true Ascension School Early Childhood Center within our existing school building.  Our preschoolers and kindergarteners will all have the space that they need to move, learn and grow.  Their close proximity to each other will allow our staff to share resources and work together in a manner that will provide an engaging early childhood program.

With your help, we can bring Ascension School into the 21st century, and ensure our ability to remain a vibrant, challenging and faith-filled Catholic school!  Please consider making an investment in our future by making a gift today!


Maryanne Polega