May 20

Saturday, May 18 was the 3rd annual Home & School Spaghetti Dinner. Yummy pasta, meatballs, and garlic bread led to conversation, fun and dancing to music from the DJ. Many thanks to Cheryl Bernard for taking pictures and for providing this link to all the pictures!

May 18

Mrs. Kane's and Mrs. Degnan's classes got an amazing Run-a-Thon reward - a Glow Party in the gym on Friday afternoon! They had a great time playing capture the flag with glow sticks! See a short video on either Mrs. Kane Page or Mrs. Degnan's Page!

May 17

Congratulations to Mrs. Lippi and the 6th grade students and parents for a successful production of the  of Greek plays Demeter and Persephone and Perseus: The Avenger  on Thursday, May 16. Selected photos appear in a Gallery on Mrs. Lippi's Teacher Page. Many thanks to Martha Irvine for this collection of photos.

May 15

Second graders, recent First Communicants, were guests with family at a First Communion breakfast, after which the children lined up to form a procession. The May Crowning mass, for grades 2 through 8, was led by Student Council members, one of whom crowned a statue of Mary. After mass Fr. Hurlbert gathered the children in the labyrinth for picture-taking near the Marian statue.

May 14

May has always been a very busy month at Ascension, especially for our 8th graders. The Class of 2019 had two field trips last week, and 7th graders have also been on the move! It's an exciting time for all students, having made strides the whole year, culminiating in wonderful projects and activities. And ice cream!

May 13

This afternoon, medals were awarded for exemplary success in this year's Kathy Adams Run-a-Thon. Classes assembled in the courtyard with their Buddies to applause for running laps, and then students lined up for an ice cream treat for earning well over the amount projected! Congratulations to all medalists, all runners and especially the phenomenal Run-a-Thon Committee!

May 10

It was a glorious day in Springfield, Illinois, where our 8th graders traveled to see the Lincoln sites. Pictures on Mr. Sengstock's Page.

May 10

Ascension celebrated teachers and aides this week during Teacher Appreciation Week! From pastries and coffee to sweets, catered lunch and mini-massages, our dedicated staff was treated like royalty. Today, students were encouraged to bring flowers to make a unique bouquet of thanks. Room 108 and Mrs. Kane display her beautiful assortment.

May 10

An annual treat, the kindergartners learned about hospitality, food prep and running a business on May 10th. Families, older students and staff were welcomed to the classrooms and tickets were distributed (and donations collected!) Everything collected will help the educational mission of Ascension school. Pink and yellow lemonade were served by cheerful, apron-clad students, who also offered cookies and napkins. What fun!

May 8

What an exciting week! Last week we welcomed Grandparents and Grand-friends for a morning of togetherness, refreshments, photos, and a memorable Mass. The first of our First Communion masses were joyous and prayerful for families and the entire parish. 8th graders have a busy May; today they are seeing West Side Story!