Who Are the Ascension Knights of Columbus?

Who Are the Knights of Columbus?

(a) Old guys with funny hats and swords who love a good parade
(b) Patrons of an explorer who has a questionable human rights record
(c) The latest parish social event planning committee
(d) Men who like to hang out in KofC beer halls

None of the above!

We established the Ascension Knights in 2018 with the goal of bringing together all men of the parish, regardless of stage of life, marital status, school affiliation, physical abilities, etc. We are committed to supporting each other and putting our faith in action. No matter what your interests are, there’s something for every Catholic man:
  • Praying the rosary on Saturday mornings
  • Taking overnight shifts at Housing Forward
  • Having fun at movie and card nights
  • Providing the parish with funding and service
  • Or, what will you start?
Learn more at ascensionknights.org.
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