Weekly Mass Times and Livestream Schedule

Saturday from 4:00 pm-4:45 pm in the Church (during COVID-19 Confessions are taking place in the Choir Room which is a room to the right of the altar).

Mass Schedule

Monday thru Friday at 8:15 am

Saturdays at 5:00 pm, Confessions from 4-4:45 pm
Sundays at 8:00 am and 10:30 am 

*Please note that our Sunday Mass times have changed. Our Sunday 10:00 AM Mass is now 10:30 AM. Learn more.

Ascension Livestream Mass & Worship Service Schedule

Sunday, January 2, 8:00 am
Saturday, January 8, 5:00 pm
Saturday, January 15, 5:00 pm
Saturday, January 23, 5:00 pm
Saturday, January 30, 5:00 pm


Saturday, January 1, 7:30 pm
Visit www.youtube.com/c/AscensionChurchYouTube to join livestream or view the archived recording.

In light of Illinois' phase 5 reopening, the following adjustments have been made to worshiping in-person at Ascension Church. Join us!

Edited August 25, 2021

What follows are a few updates concerning our liturgies and common prayer together.

Online Registration no longer required

You no longer need to register before Mass to attend in person.


In accordance with directives from the Archdiocese of Chicago, all persons, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear masks when in church and other parish and Archdiocesan buildings.

Red Pews

Some pews will remain marked red to allow for more space between pews for those seeking/needing more spatial distance during Mass.


Please note that we will continue to Live-stream one Sunday Mass each weekend as a consistent way to remain connected to all parishioners who are not able to worship in-person for a variety of reasons.

Welcome and hospitality

Members of our welcome team will continue to greet all parishioners as they enter church each Sunday.

We encourage everyone to enter church at the East Avenue entrances. The South side handicapped access entrance is also available.

Hand sanitizer is both available and optional to all as they enter.

Communion ushers will also have hand sanitizer available to those who might want to sanitize their hands before receiving Holy Communion. At the end of Mass, feel free to use any door to exit church.

Procession of gifts and collection

Individuals, households, and families may sign up to bring up the gifts of bread and wine as well as the basket containing our monetary gifts in procession to the altar. Ushers will again begin passing the basket during this time to gather our monetary gifts in support of our parish and its outreaches.

Altar Servers

Our altar server coordinator, Jonetta Irons, is reaching out to all existing altar server families to see who might be ready to return and retrain for serving at Mass.  Servers who are now in high school are also strongly encouraged to return to this ministry. We hope to reinstate this ministry back to our liturgies in the coming month. Parents can contact Jonetta at jsirons@ameritech.net.


We are hoping that more and more lectors and ministers of communion will be able to return to active ministry as you are able. We are grateful to all who have been serving so faithfully this past year since our reopening.