Living Your Strengths Workshop at Ascension on Saturday, March 7, from 8:30 am-noon

Ascension Living Your Strengths

Let Living Your Strengths teach you to fuel your strengths to help others, to succeed in your career, and to find joy in your relationships. Our next workshop is Saturday, March 7 from 8:30 am – 12:00 noon in the Parish Center. Register now at

Your strengths journey begins with completion of the Clifton StrengthsFinder online assessment prior to the workshop. During the workshop, participants learn more about what it means to have "five signature themes," a deeper understanding of the five areas in which their God-given talents are greatest, and how these talents can be developed into strengths. Participants gain the understanding that these talents are a true gift from God, and leave with a plan to develop and apply these strengths in the areas they choose: family, work, community, church.

Over 375 members of the Ascension community have attended Living Your Strengths. There is no cost to participate: Living Your Strengths is offered as a gift to parish members. Please contact Kelly Conroe at 630-776-8273 or with any questions. We look forward to sharing this wonderful program with you.