Remember in prayer those who are sick

- Remember in Prayer those who

are Sick in mind, body or spirit -

We continue to hold in prayer all of our parishioners, loved ones and friends who are sick.  Please call Jim Wojcik at the Parish Office if you would like a name added to this list. 

Richard Adamczewski, Nancy Agler, Patrick Allen, Leo Vincent Alpert, Mary Amato, Sue Antoinette, Gary Ast, Patricia Bachar, Romulo Bacol, Cynthia Baker, Joan Balark, Brad Barth, Gabrielle Benefield, Linda Bennett, Mary Grace Borgman, Mary Breitenstein, Dominic Capitly, Barbara Carroll, Sr. Jude Carroll, Carol Cassini, Renzi Castro, Joe Cavanagh, Ken Christensen, Ken Chudik, Butch Crane, Eileen Diaz, Eileene Diez, Maryann D’Imperio, Doug Dorn, Danny Doyle, Emma Farrarons, Brita Finlayson, Jennifer Fischer, Millie Flannery, Charles Gibson, David Gordon, Jayne Gubelman, Pat Hrones, AQ Kapauan, Michael Kenny-Sheputis, Margaret Kostopolos, Jerry Lakota, Alix Lovell, Joan Lyons, Josh Marchetti, Phyllis Markovic, Paul Martin, Nora Maywood, Ruth Medina, Baby Sonny Militello, Nicole Montemagni, Carmen Mora, Mary Morgan, Len Mueller, Gina Orlando, Mary Jane Peterson, David Rosati, Alfriedo Ruiz, Justine Scatton, Mary Jane Schenn, Maureen Schmidt, Loretta Schulze, Helen Scotty, Mary Simmons, Richard Snyder, Agnes So, Mary Louise Stefanic, Nicholas Stevic, Matthew Strudeman, Roger Sugg, Sean Taylor, Warren Thayer, Ruth Thorne, Sheila Trainor, Tom Trainor, Bonnie Von Ebers, Samantha Walker, Karen Williams, Larry Wyman, Margaret Zangrilli, Peg Zak, Ernest Zaravia.

We pray for the healing hand of God to touch all impacted by domestic violence and verbal, physical or sexual abuse of any kind. For young people at risk. For the dignity and respect of all human life.

We also hold in prayer all first responders; police officers, firefighters, paramedics, doctors and nurses. We ask your blessing on all who serve our country in the military, in the peace corps and on all of our veterans.