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Continued Easter Blessings, my friends!
Thank you for the kind words some of you shared with me about last week’s musings.  Last Monday’s Wordle word was “Story”—very appropriate! (I got it in 2)
I also want to thank everyone for their prayers for our efforts toward working toward the merge, while honoring the efforts previously made to identify areas of common ministry within all of Oak Park.  There is a meeting this Monday and hopefully there will be some good things to share following.  Continue the prayers!
I’m excited as I already have some people I am working with in RCIA: An adult, a Teen, and a Child.  Now…if you know of folks who should be invited to consider RCIA, please invite them.  The Baptism Rite for Infants contains a prayer with the anointing of chrism that speaks of being anointed priest, prophet, and king.  We are all called to be prophets: to share the Good News about Jesus and to encourage and uplift others with the message of hope and reconciliation.
I had my closing meetings with those who were initiated this past Easter this week.  We talked about the year and the experience of the celebrations.  Jack, the teenager who was baptized said, “After Baptism, I felt changed.  I don’t know how else to say it…yeah, I was changed.  Going to Communion the following week I thought ‘this is cool; I really belong now.’”  He and Issy shared how they really enjoyed their months of preparation together, preparing the weekly Scripture, the variety of materials we used, the different activities (learning the rosary, tours of different parts of the Church, baking bread, praying the Stations of the Cross) and particularly our shared prayer time.
This is Issy’s shield that she created:

Issy spent a lot of time thinking about her Confirmation Name.  She already had 3 given names: Isabella, Maria, and Elizabeth but as she thought about her life goals and choices she vacillated between St. Cecilia, patroness of musicians and St. Margaret of Scotland, renowned for her generosity and care for the poor.  She created the motto: Sing the truth in your heart (a variation on the traditional story) and decided that was her.  Her symbols of music (Patronness) an angel (watched over her) Light representing Christ to whom she would sing, and rose and lily with which she was crowned,
I’ll share some of the adults comments when I come back after vacation.  I’ll be away 5/11-5/21 so I’ll be absent from the Dome next week.  Be back the following week!

Mary Catherine