A message from Fr. Carl and Fr. Rex

January 7, 2021


Dear Ascension Parishioners,

What we all saw yesterday in our nation’s capital was shocking, and an egregious assault on our country’s democracy. The issues around what happened are complex, for sure.

However, the actions of those who stormed the Capitol building, and seeming lack of clear condemnation from some quarters of our government, were treasonous in their nature, and should never have happened in our country and for the rest of the world to see.  Considering what happened yesterday both in Washington, DC and the act of vandalism and racism that we experienced in our own community, we encourage us all to use our voices to speak up and speak out against such actions. And we also encourage all of us to do so in a way that reflects who we are as a people of God, a people of faith, hope, and love. Our actions and speech should reflect God’s desire for equality among all people if we are to be faithful to the Word of God. During a time of such turmoil, may we live and act always as instruments of God’s peace.

Fr. Carl and Fr. Rex