Support Ongoing Livestream Outreach at Ascension Church

During the pandemic, in an effort to keep our Ascension Community connected, a live streaming system was installed in our church.  Thanks to the generosity of numerous parishioners, we have been able to livestream weekly Masses, funerals, weddings, TaizĂ© services and adult formation presentations. The feedback we have received from parishioners (and non-parishioners) has been overwhelmingly positive.

It is a blessing to be able to reach out to those unable to attend in-person, providing them the opportunity to feel connected from home. As we reflect upon our community life before, during and moving out of this pandemic, we are mindful of the fact that there have always been members of our parish community who have, for a variety of reasons, not been able to join us in person. We invite those who are able, to help us to keep this livestream outreach viable. The costs related to our initial and on-going outreach through our live-stream system were not a part of our budget.

We have established a fund to accept donations to help defray and support the continued operating expenses associated with our livestream ministry for the parish. Donations can be made by check or through our online service, GiveCentral.

Thank you for your continued support!