Many of you vacation in beautiful places.  Take time to notice the beauty and allow yourself to fall in love with that piece of nature.  Or simply connect with the beauty in a local park, your neighborhood, our parish campus or in your backyard. Find God in nature. Connect and ground to the earth and feel the energy. Fall in love with the trees, flowers, veggies, grass, soil, critters, the sky and clouds. Take some time to connect with a big grateful heart.  It’s from that place of love and gratitude that your “Creation Care” blooms.  When you love something, you protect it. 

We live in a sacred cosmos.  Our planet needs your love and actions.  Your religion asks this of you, well beyond recycling, to tackle the challenges of climate change and the environment.  We can each do it, one step at a time with focused actions.

Brian McLaren shares, In a world full of big challenges, in a time like ours, we need to experience the mighty rushing wind of Pentecost. We need our hearts to be made incandescent by the Spirit’s fire.  Fall in love, sweet souls! It’s the best and most healing feeling in the universe.

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