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Appalachia Service Project

Ascension has had a long history of youth mission trips ranging from Appalachia Service Projec​t (ASP), Mississippi (Gulf Coast Trip), to Young Neighbors in Action (YNIA) in Tijuana. Currently, we plan an annual ASP trip.
Appalachia Service Project has been a beloved aspect of Ascension youth ministry for over 20 years. Decades ago this trip began with a small group of 5 vans totaling 35 people and has grown to 23 vans equaling 161 people. AYM usually goes to ASP the last full week of July, which is known as “week 7” to ASP-ers.
ASP Trip 2019: July 20-27
Planning for the 2019 ASP Trip is under way and we are looking forward to another fun-filled service trip making homes warmer, safer and drier. In July 2018, 168 people spent a week in West Virginia and Kentucky. The week is a chance for us to serve those who have a real need for the help....what we get from them is a chance to live and experience our faith in a different way.
To learn more
If you are interested and want to learn more about ASP, we would love to connect with you and share more information and have you talk to one of our teen leaders – many of whom are taking their fourth and final trip before college! The teen leaders help plan the meetings, organize the trip and will lead work crews at the job sites. ASP links service with faith, friends, fellowship and leadership opportunities for our teens. Email us at
To register
Registration begins in the Fall of each year. Registration forms for teens and adults are updated each Fall for the subsequent Summer trip.
Please be sure to turn in both the appropriate form (teen or adult) as well as the ASP Registration sheet as we need both of them filled out. 
To learn more about the national ASP organization please look at their website or email us at