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The Foundations and Future of Ministry 2021


Video Recordings of The Foundations and Future of Ministry 2021


Here are video links for the recordings of three programs on The Foundations and Future of Ministry, provided by Father Bob Hutmacher and Vicky Tufano on April 22, 29, and May 6. 


The first session reviews scriptural foundations for service to God’s people and provides a broad understanding of ministry. The next two sessions address the future of ministry and offer new, revitalized ways to view service in ministry. As we begin a process of transformation through Renew My Church and think about new ways of being the Church, we consider the past, present, and future of ministry in service to God’s people. How can we best revitalize ministry today for the Church of tomorrow?


Father Bob Hutmacher, OFM, has been part of the Ascension community since 2012. He is a liturgist, composer, and guardian of the Franciscan community at St. Peter’s in the Loop.  Vicky Tufano previously served as pastoral associate and director of liturgy at Ascension.  She is a frequent writer and speaker on liturgy and Christian initiation. 





Thursday, April 22 – Scriptural Foundations of Church and Ministry

Thursday, April 29 – Ministry in our Post-Covid Church


Thursday, May 6 – Revitalizing Liturgical Ministries