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Renew My Church


February 26, 2021

Dear Ascension Parish Family,

This week, we are sharing a letter sent to the four Oak Park parishes from Bishop Manz. The letter outlines a time frame for our parishes to begin the Renew My Church, or RMC, process. The Renew My Church mission has as its priorities making disciples, evangelization and vocations, building communities, leadership development, mission vitality, operating stability, and finally, inspiring witness by our faith in action. All of these priorities stem from this fact, WE ARE CALLED BY JESUS CHRIST! The journey is meant to be spiritual, bringing people to a life-giving relationship in Jesus Christ, as well as the necessary changes that are needed in the structure and operations of our parishes. This is a quick overview of much of what RMC will require of each parish as we enter the process this June.

Please read the letter and join us in praying that the Holy Spirit, always with us, gives us wisdom, courage and guidance as we move toward this process.


Fr. Carl and Fr. Rex

This past January, Ascension parish council and staff joined the parish councils and staff of our fellow Oak Park parishes for an introductory zoom presentation on the RMC process. Our plan at Ascension is to invite Rick Moreno, our RNC Parish Vitality Coordinator, to offer the zoom presentation to the broader Ascension community in April and/or May 2021. We will provide the details once they become available.