Housing Forward Overnight Shelter Ministry

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Ascension and St. Edmund Outreach to the Homeless
Our faith community is currently involved in helping the homeless in Oak Park.  The need is great at both the Housing Forward Interim Shelter at the Write Inn on Oak Park Avenue, and at the Overnight Shelter at St. Catherine of Sienna-St. Lucy Rectory.
To learn more about the shelter programs and volunteer opportunities, please visit Housing Forward's volunteer page:
To volunteer to provide meal portions, or to learn how to lead a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner Team, you are invited to contact Marilyn Foster, 708-289-4002 or [email protected].
Year Round Shelter Is Now Available at the St. Catherine-St. Lucy Site
The Housing Forward Emergency Overnight Shelter at St. Catherine of Siena-St. Lucy will be available for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness year-round. Modeled after the former PADS emergency shelter model, shelter guests also receive a hot dinner, a continental breakfast and a to-go lunch, access to laundry and personal hygiene facilities. 
Volunteers also provide 80 lunches for Housing Forward clients in Oak Park throughout the year on the the 4th weekend of the month. The lunches are provided by volunteers from the Ascension community.  If you are interested in helping provide food please contact Linda Dunne: [email protected], Carol Doody: [email protected] or Colleen Bracco: [email protected]