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Spirit and Light - Religious Education Team
If you need information about a particular program for religious education, please see the contact information listed below.
DirectorDr. Marci Madary[email protected]

Director of AdministrationChristi Walkup[email protected]
Administrative Support - Kelly McCreary[email protected]

Tuition/Sacrament Payments - Rachel Faulman[email protected]
Little Lamb Coordinators
Mary Ellen Lesniak[email protected]
Laura Kelley[email protected]
PREP and SPRED Coordinator - Kelly McCreary[email protected]

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Coordinators-
Rachel Faulman[email protected]
Laura Kelley[email protected]
Traditional Religious Education Coordinator - Terri Monaco[email protected]
Family RE Coordinator - Tim Smyth[email protected]

Middle School Ministry Coordinator - Marci Madary [email protected]

Family Mass Liaison - Mary Ellen Lesniak[email protected]

Sacrament Coordinators
Terri Monaco[email protected]
Alex Ryan[email protected]
Our Spirit and Light Advisory Board was formed in October 2023 – An Advisory Board for Spirit and Light has been created for the following purposes:
Advise and consult with the Spirit and Light Director.
  • Plan, organize and execute activities to raise funds for Spirit and Light.
  • Plan, organize and execute activities to build community among the families that participate in the programs of the Spirit and Light.
  • In conjunction with the Ascension and St. Edmund Parish and St. Catherine St. Lucy and St. Giles Parish Pastor, Directors of Operation, Finance Committees, Spirit and Light Director and Director of Administration, to create the budget for Spirit and Light.
  • Participate in the hiring process of those employed by Spirit and Light.
  • Offer feedback to the Pastor regarding the job performance review of the Spirit and Light Director.
The Members of the Advisory Board represent all worshipping communities in our Oak Park Catholic Parishes: Jim Schwarber, chair – Jean Meister, secretary – Luis Beteta – Tim Blatner – Glynis Hall – Paul Kraft – Katie Kudlacz – Esther Lopez – Melanie Pivarski – LaTrice Porter-Thomas – Kathleen Sproat